Parts of a Research Paper


Parts of a Research Paper Research paper should contain at least the following required parts:  abstract, introduction, literature review, methodology, analysis, discussion, and conclusion.  Each section must cover the specific part of the research paper and be of sufficient length.  At our site you will find free essay samples, free research paper writing blog, and much more.  If you are looking for essay writing service, do not hesitate to request professional assistance of our essay Continue reading

Paper Research


Paper Research Paper research is scholarly project.  Writing paper research you should attention to the format and flow of ideas.  You cannot write a good paper research without conducting a research.  Thus, be patient and plan your time wisely.  We understand that research paper writing is a challenging task for many students and we offer two types of assistance: 1) free research paper and essay samples in our blog and 2) professional custom research paper writing Continue reading

Outline Research Paper


Outline Research Paper Outline of research paper should consist of a short introduction with a good thesis statement. In addition, you should mention the research questions and set the direction of your research. Main body should be fully devoted to the topic coverage.  It the part of the research paper in which you should include the main arguments and supporting evidence. Not every student is a good writer and not every writer is a good student.  We know how difficult it is to write Continue reading

MLA Style Research Paper


MLA Style Research PaperMLA style research paper is the most commonly requested format because it is the most detailed.  You must show the teacher the specific page number from the source even if you are not quoting directly. Moreover, you need to provide a cover page, outline and reference list formatted in specific format.  Please look through the following sample research paper and pay attention to the structure of paragraphs.  In addition, read our free research paper writing tips to Continue reading

MLA Research Paper


MLA Research Paper MLA research paper should include a cover page, outline, and fully-referenced body.  The standard format for MLA citations is Author/Page. It means that you have to indicate the page number along with the last name of the author. Otherwise, your research paper will be considered plagiarized.  We understand that research paper writing is not an easy assignment and we offer two types of assistance. Firstly, you may use our custom research paper help with a high Continue reading

Literature Review Research Paper


Literature Review Research Paper: Writing a Successful One Literature review research paper demands from a student to make a research at the subject of how was this very topic disclosed before. While you are writing your literature review research paper you have to retell the readers what of the aspects of this very topic were discussed in literature, which of the aspects are not taken into account yet. Defining weaknesses and strengths of the literature under consideration is considered to Continue reading

Interesting Research Paper Topics


Interesting Research Paper Topics Interesting research paper topics are many.  Even the banal topic of abortions can be turned into an exciting topic if you approach it from unexpected position.  For example, argue that abortions have been introduced in ancient Egypt thousands of years ago. offers three types of writing help: 1) free essay samples posted in blog; 2) essay writing service provided by professional writer; and 3) free outline and Continue reading

Instructions on Research Paper


Instructions on Research Paper Some students love writing research papers because it gives them an opportunity to impress the teacher with depth of research and profound writing skills.  However, the vast majority of students simply do not have enough time to devote to research paper writing.  As a result, they submit papers which do not meet the fundamental academic requirements. We offer several types of professional assistance. Firstly, you may take advantage of our free research paper Continue reading

How to Write a Research Paper


How to Write a Research Paper? Research paper, as the title indicates, must be based on a research.  You must show your understanding and knowledge on the assigned topic.  You should conduct an in-depth research and locate as many studies on the topic as you can or consider necessary.  Some topics may require only 5 references, while other topics may require as much as 50 studies and articles.  You are encouraged to include the following statements: A number of researchers have Continue reading

How to Research Raper


How to Research Raper If you do not know how to write a research paper but you have to write one, this section of paper writing blog is created for you.  We offer free research paper samples, working tips on research paper writing, and professional research paper writing service.  Below is a sample of a research paper written on crops. Pay attention to the wording and paragraph structure.  This sample is a short excerpt taken from a comprehensive research paper.  If you need additional Continue reading