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In early 1960 racial conflict in the United States appeared in a previously unexperienced form. Demonstrations by Negro youth, largely students, were directed first against segregation in public eating facilities and then in public transportation. These demonstrations differ from previous patterns in the characteristics of the protestors, who are middleclass and respectable; and in the tremendous restraint with which the Negro participants have acted, even when subjected to considerable physical abuse by white youth (e.g., the dropping of lighted cigarettes down the backs of Negro students seated at lunch counters in a silent request for service) and the quiet acceptance, even courting, of arrest. In view of the historical patterning of race relations in the American South, the restraint and apparent impartiality of most municipal officials and police is also remarkable. Almost equal numbers of whites and Negroes, for example, have been taken into custody. The long-range consequences of these activities, along with major and again self-conscious, assaults on the accommodative structure through legal pressures, cannot as yet be discerned. Social tensions have certainly increased, but changes in behavior are also taking place.

Press coverage, it has been suggested above, has less influence on shaping racial attitudes within a country than is sometimes thought. It would be difficult to deny, however, that events of racial conflict in England have gained support for ardent anti-Negroes in the United States (and probably also in South Africa). It seems clear that the American press, including the mass-circulation news weeklies, overplayed the significance of events in Britain. There were substantial tones of "cast out the mote in thine own eye" in American coverage. Time magazine reproduced, apparently with approval, a cartoon by Cummings from the Daily Express with the caption, "Now, perhaps, the English will stop giving us that 'More anti-colour bar than thou' stuff". It is probably true that demonstrations of racialism anywhere in the world will be seized upon by anticolored groups wherever they are.

Considerable courage, even foolhardiness, would be required to forecast major racial violence as a result of current events in the American South or north or in England, or even of patterns of continuing tension. It is possible, nonetheless, to note areas of change in the general patterning of race relations which may affect probabilities.A comparison of colored and white relations in Britain and in the United States and their potentials for social racial violence seems generally to add support to general interpretations of intergroup relations and to theories of prejudice. Social tensions in Britain, as in the United States, can be seen to be generated by assaults on the status quo, namely, to be generated by the social structure itself.

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