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Custom term paper: Our writing process step by step

  • Research of credible sources: writer begins the term paper writing process with researching material on the subject. Such a research includes study of textbooks, books, peer-reviewed journals, news articles, statistical and financial reports, and encyclopedias. The writer might also use the sources and articles you've provided in your order.
  • Writing: before the actual writing process, the writer also takes notes when reviewing the sources and creates an outline that predetermines the paper organization and content. They develop a thesis statement in an introduction and then provide arguments, supporting them with quotes and paraphrases ideas from the sources. Finally, the writer drafts the conclusion where they make sure to restate the argument and provide their findings and outcomes.
  • Editing and formatting: at the final stage, the writer watches out for improper language and syntax and ensures that the text is completely error-free. Also, they cite the sources used to write my paper and prepare bibliography list. The proper completion of all these steps result in a perfect term paper, and this is exactly what we offer our customers.

The advantages provided by our custom term paper service

  • Money back guarantee - if you believe the writer didn't follow the instruction, or we didn't deliver the paper on time, you may request a refund.
  • 100% original writing - since we write papers from the ground up, plagiarism is excluded. We will also send a plagiarism report.
  • Free revisions – for each writing help order we provide a 2-week free revision period. The writer makes updates into the written paper according to your comments until you are satisfied with it.
  • Timely delivery - choose a deadline from 12 hours to 1 month, and we will deliver the paper via email even before the deadline.
  • Thoughtful customer reps - we are online 24/7 via live chat. Contact us anytime for a free consultation, quote, or to resolve technical issues.
  • 98% success rate - 98% of our customers left satisfied, according to our internal survey. You can also browse customer reviews from previous clients who enjoyed our services.

The essential components of a custom term paper

Like any other type of custom writing, a term paper should follow a certain structure. Here's what exactly this paper comprises of:

  • Results and recommendations section sums up the writer's finding in the custom term paper. It shows the conclusions, measureable results and gives predictions for the future, if necessary.
  • A literature review where the author overviews research work (ideally, the papers and books published in the previous 10 years) that they used to construct argument and methodology;
  • Methology section presents research methods and experimental approaches used in the assignment;
  • An abstract that summarizes paper content for the reader;

These sections are mandatory for any term paper. Our agency also gives you a bonus when you order a custom term paper. You'll get a cover, an outline and bibliography free of charge, so, in fact, you pay for the content only and save money.

Improve your grades with a custom term paper writing service

Term paper is the type of a research paper one has to compose at the end of the academic term. It is one of the most important and time-consuming assignments students have to deal with while in college. It requires a deeper research and more attention than an average student essay. As a rule, a custom term paper has to be around 5,000 words in length, but the requirements may vary from school to school.

The main purpose of term paper writing is to demonstrate that you've learned the course material. Students need to address and describe specific events, concepts, and definitions. This requires both solid understanding of the subject matter and excellent writing skills. Moreover, if at least some of the requirements are not met, you're at risk of getting a lower grade.

Given that term paper writing is so important, why not relieve yoruself from worries and outsource this task to professional writers? has been providing custom term papers to customers around the globe for 12+ years. We pour excellent subject matter knowledge and dedication to help you manage your time, get better grades and achieve academic success.

What makes our term paper writing services your top choice?

  • Every college and even every professor imply their requirements from term papers. These requirements may include the word count, number of sources, focus, topics, formatting, and more. Before you start writing this type of research paper, clarify the requirements with your institution. It's only if you comply with all of them that you can get an excellent grade!

    Our term paper writers create the paper from scratch using your instruction and guidelines as a starting point. We don't use pre-written text in research papers, and don't publish or resell papers. With a customized paper, you'll find it easier to score excellently.

  • Plagiarism is a serous concern for every student. If the professor finds issues of plagiarism, this may result in a failed assignment or the entire course. Moreover, if you simply forget to cite the quote properly or list the source in bibliography list, this counts as plagiarism as well! To make sure you avoid any academic troubes, our writers draft term papers from scratch and properly reference all sources used. To prove that the paper is 100% original, we will provide you with a free plagiarism report generated by Copyscape premium software.

  • We carefully select and test professional writers who wish to join our team. All our staff writers have at least a Bachelor's degree in some subject and are familiar with citation styles and academic writing principles. Moreover, all applicants have to prove their proficiency in English since we produce work for customers from English-speaking countries. Therefore, we employ only the best qualified subject matter experts who draft high-quality term papers and other college assignments.

  • All research papers have to be formatted and organized according to one of the academic style guides. They include APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, and more. The writer composing your custom term paper will also format it, cite the sources used, and prepare the bibliography list according to the needed style guide. Moreover, the formatting of your paper, bibliography and a title page are included in your order for free. With our paper writing services you don't have to pay extra!

  • High-quality custom term papers cannot be cheap, especially is they are written on Master's or PhD level. It takes knowledge and skills to draft custom research papers, and we offer our writers fair compensation. At the same time, we offer our customers everything they expect to receive in return for their payment: quality original writing, accurate formatting, communication with writer, and timely delivery.

    Price per page for a college term paper starts at $16.99 only. Generally, your final price will depend on the number of pages, academic level, and the assignment type. We also offer all customers attractive discounts and bonuses. For instance, all new clients get a welcome 20% off. Now you can have a shot with our agency while staying in budget. We provide seasonal discounts and sales as well. Just check with our customer support if there are any discounts available before you place an order.

  • The topic should be narrow enough and explore a specific event or idea rather than revolve around a broad concept. If the professor or instructor haven't provided you with the topic, a paper writer will help you pick one. Here are some good topic examples:

    • For economics and finance: "An analytical study of advantages and disadvantages of mergers and acquisitions", "An importance of business finance for the business sector".
    • For political science: "Corruption in politics and ways to eliminate it", "The role of global politics in environment and resource preserving".
    • For English literature: "The African Americans struggle to retain their African identity in our culture today", "How are the roles of a man and a woman portrayed in a novel?".

    We work so that every our customer could get the most suitable author for his/her project. This is how we ensure the quality of our custom essay writing service.

  • Apart from term papers, we can assist with other types of writing assignments. This includes such custom papers as admission essays, creative writing, dissertations, business plans, resumes, and even online tests. No matter the assignment type, we will deliver a quality paper that meets your requirements and guidelines. also provides editing, revision, and rewriting services. A writer can improve your written paper in many ways: correct mistakes, remove plagiarism, or rewrite according to the professor's comments. Our mission is to help students improve their grades; we provide all types of paperwork assistance to help you achieve just this.