MLA Style Research Paper


MLA Style Research Paper

MLA style research paper is the most commonly requested format because it is the most detailed.  You must show the teacher the specific page number from the source even if you are not quoting directly. Moreover, you need to provide a cover page, outline and reference list formatted in specific format.  Please look through the following sample research paper and pay attention to the structure of paragraphs.  In addition, read our free research paper writing tips to learn about formatting, citing, researching, etc. If you are looking for individual help with writing, give us a chance to help you with writing your custom research papers from scratch. If you have already written your research paper, our writers are able to make it perfect in terms of grammar, style, and formatting.

MLA Style Research Paper Sample

Chemical research applied in the nitrogen and potash branches of the fertilizer industry has resulted in drastic reductions in prices of the respective products justifying on an economic, as long justified on an agronomic basis, their inclusion in more liberal ratios in fertilizer mixtures as the only way in which the farmer may share in the benefits of this great technological progress. Whether or not equal advances in phosphate technology are possible will be determined when some other method than the present sulfuric acid process has been perfected. Currently there is some interest in finding a suitable organic phosphate which would be soluble, thus making all the phosphoric acid available. To date the difficulty is to find an organic base that is both cheap and acceptable. In the phosphate industry's heavy investment in sulfuric acid plants may be found the reason why chemical research directed at their obsolescence is not being more actively prosecuted. Ultimately, it may be expected, dissatisfaction with a low grade phosphate carrier with its high distribution costs will lead to the further insistence that a new technology be developed. Surely chemical research effective elsewhere should not fail in improving a technology which has remained essentially stationary since J. B. Lewes first put sulfuric acid on bones in 1842.

It is not immediately apparent that there is anything more than historical significance in the fact that the fertilizer industry is centered around phosphates rather than nitrogen Or potash. Perhaps its complete decentralization in that respect, as present trends would indicate, might remove some of the handicaps now being endured.

In addition to technology, chemical research is widely applied to fertilizer usage designed to improve both quality and benefit. This research extends to the soil and to the crops grown thereon. As stated, the low-grade mixtures in wide use are composed preponderantly of materials of little or no plant-food value. Inevitably questions have arisen as to the after-effects of these nonassimilated residues with answers revealing that some of them release acids in cumulative concentrations above the limits of tolerance. This has led to the formulation of nonacidforming mixtures, as likewise to the increasing use of limestone or dolomite as corrective ingredients-"fillers" used for a purpose other than increasing bulk. The optimum placement of fertilizers with respect to the root system of the crop which they are to nourish has been determined as a factor of major importance and has resulted, through collaboration with the engineer, in mechanical fertilizer drills whose use greatly increases the effectiveness of the fertilizer applied.

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