How to Write a Research Paper


How to Write a Research Paper?

Research paper, as the title indicates, must be based on a research.  You must show your understanding and knowledge on the assigned topic.  You should conduct an in-depth research and locate as many studies on the topic as you can or consider necessary.  Some topics may require only 5 references, while other topics may require as much as 50 studies and articles.  You are encouraged to include the following statements:

  • A number of researchers have examined this issue, notably …
  • Various investigations have explored the subject, especially …
In addition, you must show the importance of the chosen research paper topic. For example:
  • Because privatization is increasingly seen as a remedy for economic ills in many other countries, it is worth examining its impact in Britain which was a pioneer in this process.

Taking into account that you are writing a research paper, not a scientific book, it is obviously not possible to deal with all aspects of the assigned topic. Therefore, you need to explain the limits you are setting on the discussion and give reasons for them.

  • The research paper deals with privatizations between 1981 and 1992 because it is too soon to assess the impact of later initiatives.

How to Do a Research Paper?

If you want to understand how to write a research paper, read the following research paper topics ideas. For your own benefit, as well as the reader's, it is useful to outline the organization of the research paper. Tell the reader what you going to research and notify your audience about the purpose of research paper writing. There is no such thing as a standard introduction and it depends on the nature of the research and the length of the research paper.

Research Paper Writing

You cannot know exactly what information to leave in and what to leave out.  However, numerous editing activities will help you to identify the best format and structure.  Nevertheless, the preliminary planning might give you some basic understanding of the possible structure.  Ask yourself the following questions prior to research paper writing.  Answers to these questions will save your time and enhance your understanding of how to write a research paper.

  • What is the primary purpose for college research paper writing? Am I attempting to report facts objectively? Am I investigating events? Am I analyzing issues or aim to persuade the reader?
  • Do I have competing or conflicting purposes for writing this research paper? If so, should I write two different research papers or one academic research paper with distinct parts?
  • What crucial information do I need to shock, educate, or persuade my audience?


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