Instructions on Research Paper


Instructions on Research Paper

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Instructions on Research Paper: Sample

To the end they have devised empirical "quicktest" methods wherein familiar chemical reactions are induced to yield color tints or turbidities, which, when compared with a chart correlated with soil type and crop response, in the hands of the experienced give clear indications of the available plant food present in the soil undergoing the test. These methods, requiring only a few minutes per determination, now winning wide acceptance, are the chemist's new coni ribution following the agronomist's complete rejection of the earlier total analysis of soils as failing to show any bearing on crop response and therefore on plant-food availability The requirement was for a method which would indicate the plant food available for a given crop for a given season, not what might become available through little understood, natural agencies within unlimited time. The chemist has met the requirement with the result that the experienced interpreter may now prescribe with fair accuracy the plant foods that must be added to those already present in available form to yield the crop in quantity and of quality demanded by the grower. Likewise "tissue-tests", applied to plant juices and correlated with various abnormalities of growth or appearance, reveal plant-food deficiencies frequently early enough in the life of the growing crop to make possible their replenishment before irreparable damage has been done.

This new approach is already influencing certain units within the fertilizer industry to offer consumer service, instead of mere tonnage, providing the farmer with the plant food required by crop expectancy as related to the soil and even the field on which grown. This may have far-reaching significance, for one of two roads appears as the choice of the industry: Shall a few mixtures be standardized to meet the broader requirements of agriculture or shall each crop be nurtured in terms of its individual preferences and the characteristics of the soil on which grown ? Crop standards in terms of the various qualities on which market price is based would appear to determine the answer. The modern farmer demands quality as well as quantity, and the proper crop diet determines both.

The food value of the crop as influenced by its fertilization has not been neglected by the chemist who in collaboration with the animal nutritionist has traced the dietary benefits from the well-fed crop, linking therewith the health and performance of the animal organisms fed thereon, even to their progeny.

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