Parts of a Research Paper


Parts of a Research Paper

Research paper should contain at least the following required parts:  abstract, introduction, literature review, methodology, analysis, discussion, and conclusion.  Each section must cover the specific part of the research paper and be of sufficient length.  At our site you will find free essay samples, free research paper writing blog, and much more.  If you are looking for essay writing service, do not hesitate to request professional assistance of our essay writers. We strive not to be late with research paper delivery because we understand the importance of meeting deadlines. We maintain customer support 24 hours 7 days a week and we do not ignore your messages.

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The world having used wastefully great stores of fuels, science at last is being applied to the question of using them with a view to making the most of their various values. While there is still waste, we can be encouraged by increases in efficiency which now give more energy for actual use per pound of fuel than heretofore, by mechanical inventions which extend the range of useful fuels to include those of lower rank and by efforts to so treat various fuels as to secure whatever chemical values they may possess before conveying the residue to the fire. The manufacture of polymerized gasoline from refinery gases, the hydrogenation of the tars and coals to produce liquid fuels, the efficiency gained with powdered coal, the effort to prepare a coke suitable for household use without the dust and smoke of coal and at the same time recover from the coal that is coked by products of economic value--all indicate trends in fuel technology that depend for their furtherance upon the application of science.

One of the problems in the use of powdered fuel is the disposition of fly ash. This is a material very difficult to manage, quite objectionable in the atmosphere and produced in large quantities in great power plants. Some experiments in the use of fly ash in producing building blocks, as a filler, etc., have progressed, but the invention of some product easy to manufacture and widely used with fly ash as the raw material will certainly encourage the more extensive burning of powdered coal. with concurrent lessening of the smoke nuisances from factories, and with increased efficiency in the power plant. The possibility of so blending coals of different rank and characteristics as to make more satisfactory fuel, the methods for the separation of ash producing materials from the coal prior to burning, the improvements in the storage and distribution of gas from coal are other indications.

Within the last decade an entirely new type of fuel has made its appearance in the domestic market. This is liquefied petroleum gases, usually propane, butane, or mixtures of the two, while of late pentane has entered the field. These gases in cylinders with suitable reducing valves and safety devices are in growing use in rural districts and make available to them such advantages as heretofore have been confined to those communities where gas has been manufactured from coal or where natural gas has been available.

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