MLA Research Paper


MLA Research Paper

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MLA Research Paper Sample

If Venezuelan architecture has developed no national characteristics, such is also the case of modern Colombian architecture. Owing to the cool and humid climate of Bogotá, to the more Nordic temperament of its inhabitants, and to the fact that many Colombian architects were trained in North American schools, modern Colombian architecture closely follows North American examples. Construction techniques are good, as they are in Venezuela, and most buildings show a good sense of design but lack emotional and esthetic appeal. The newest downtown office buildings bear a striking resemblance to their North American counterparts both in excellence of technical design and in lack of imagination. Colombian architects constitute a group of talented and responsible young people. Among them, Rafael Obregón, Rafael Esguerra, Francisco Pizano, Pablo Lanzetta, Gabriel Serrano, Mesa Gabriel Solano and Alvaro Saenz are the best-known; the late Juvenal Moya Cadena was also of their number.

Although Colombian architects do not seem to feel any great need to work with artists, there have been several good murals and sculptures made by Alejandro Obregón, Eduardo Ramirez, Marco Ospina, Armando Villegas, and David Manzur. The work of Obregón at the Luis Angel Arango Library is undoubtedly the best mural painting to be seen in Bogotá. However, the most significant art work done in relation to architecture is the two-story gold-leaf bas-relief made by Eduardo Ramirez for the main hall of the Bank of Bogotá. The same artist has recently installed a monumental bronze relief at the entrance to the Banco de la República in Cúcuta, a small town in northern Colombia. Bogotá used to have an "atelier of applied arts," the aim which was the coordination of architecture and the other plastic arts. Using the services of one architect, two painters and a sculptor, the "atelier of applied arts" was responsible for several interiors such as the Chapel of the Hospital of Social Security, in which its members sought to coordinate architecture, mural paintings, sculptures, lighting fixtures and ecclesiastical objects.

Farther south, in Peru, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay, architecture, generally speaking, has remained more conservative, and modern art works executed in relation to architecture are less numerous and less striking. In all these countries, however, there are worthwhile exceptions that must be noted. In Peru, the entrance gate to the new Cemetery of the Angel was designed by Luis Miró Quesada and Simón Ortiz V., the architects of the cemetery, with the collaboration of the painter Fernando de Szyszlo and the sculptor Joaquin Roca Rey. It is one of the rare examples in Latin America of close cooperation between a painter and a sculptor. A number of murals by well-known artists have also been installed at the new Ministry of Education building.