How to Research Raper


How to Research Raper

If you do not know how to write a research paper but you have to write one, this section of paper writing blog is created for you.  We offer free research paper samples, working tips on research paper writing, and professional research paper writing service.  Below is a sample of a research paper written on crops. Pay attention to the wording and paragraph structure.  This sample is a short excerpt taken from a comprehensive research paper.  If you need additional information, do not hesitate to contact us.  We are open 24/7.  If you are looking for individual help with writing, our research paperwriters are able to help you with any project, despite of its complexity and urgency of delivery.

Research Paper Sample

How rapidly steps will be taken to deal adequately with the Nation's problem of soil deficiency it is difficult to say. Recent summations of current plantfood losses from the Nation's soils reveal such vast figures as clearly to indicate that the most that can be hoped for is to arrest the disintegration process. But even for the much simpler task of maintaining the better soils in their present state of productivity, there is clearly demanded a larger program of soil analysis revealing the supply of the essential elements present in available form and greater cooperation between farmer, the field service and extension men, and the fertilizer industry than has existed so far in correcting deficiencies.

Philosophical speculation has often led into visionary fields where crops, scientifically fed without fear of costs yield bounteously with minimum of labor, yielding happiness as the result of abundance.

The scientist has accepted this dream as within the purview of attainment. While realization is still too far distant for an appraisal of results, his faith must be strong indeed if he is to retain his courage in the presence of distress, not happiness growing out of overproduction, so easily confused in the popular mind with overabundance; hunger in the midst of plenty; populations in poverty because their farms can no longer yield a livelihood and vast areas formerly productive, now appraised as below the level of agricultural classification. He must be appalled when asked: Why fertilizer, when there is already a surplus ? A question too often repeated by those who should know better. Again, he must feel that his efforts are futile when he observes that areas are classed as submarginal when he knows that all that is required is the application of a little more of the type of scientific agriculture which he is trying to teach. Perhaps he feels that national economy in such instances is better served by bringing back to the soil the plant food exhausted by faulty practices, than by uprooting the farmer and moving him to more fertile soils, to repeat the process of denudation.

To be sure, there are vast acreages bordering the semiarid areas which never should have been applied to crop growing, at least until the uncultivated lands of the humid regions, already provided with natural and social facilities for a more comfortable existence, had been more fully utilized. Within the latter is space enough, under a rational land policy, for all of those now in distress, for again we must remember that our agricultural practices taken as a whole are of the most desultory character.

Research Raper Writing Service

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