Interesting Research Paper Topics


Interesting Research Paper Topics

Interesting research paper topics are many.  Even the banal topic of abortions can be turned into an exciting topic if you approach it from unexpected position.  For example, argue that abortions have been introduced in ancient Egypt thousands of years ago. offers three types of writing help: 1) free essay samples posted in blog; 2) essay writing service provided by professional writer; and 3) free outline and reference list. Custom research papers written by our writer meet the requirements of the most demanding teachers!  We are working hard to meet the wants and needs of our clients!

Interesting Research Paper Sample

On the question of feeding, it is not in place here to go into detail as to amounts and formulae. Such discussion belongs to the field of the physician and nutritionist. It may be necessary to mention a few principles with which the professional worker should be familiar. Perhaps one of the most common-sense observations, but one which is commonly overlooked, is that, no matter how much milk or other liquid a baby is getting, he still needs water.

Another matter of importance pertains to the amount of food to be taken by children. There is not much danger that we shall inflict upon the infant more food than he needs. He sees to that by simply refusing to take more than he needs or wants. With children a little older, however, parents sometimes make a fetish of an adult-determined menu. Some such parents become obsessed with the idea that certain foods are good for children and insist that "the plate must be cleaned up." In the name of conscience, why should any adult know just how many spoonfuls of spinach or carrots are necessary at every meal in the course of a week? Exercise, sleep, and emotional disturbances cause normal variation in food requirements from one meal to another. This important matter will be considered again in connection with habit formation of children.

The question of breast feeding is of great importance. It is undoubtedly good for the mother, in most cases, since it aids the uterus to return to its normal condition. Furthermore, food chemists tell us that ordinarily mother's milk is the best formula for a baby that can be found. For this reason, very carefully controlled systems of supplying human milk to children deprived of their own mother's milk operate through milk depots and mothers' milk registries.

Because of the emotional satisfaction to both mother and child, the protection of the baby's health through greater cleanliness and better nutrition, the ease of preparation and feeding, most mothers prefer to nurse their babies at the breast. However, a certain number of mothers do not want to nurse their babies. Some of these are those women still so immature that they hate to face parenthood and want to have as little to do with their infants as possible. Many such simply refuse to nurse their babies. In some cases, undoubtedly the obstetrician, sensing the mother's hostility and rebellion, feels that her attitude and her milk would be undesirable for the baby and recommend immediate weaning. Fries cites cases where cinema records indicate clearly that even the way such a mother holds her baby to the breast is indicative of her rejecting feeling toward the child.

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