Essay Friendship


Essay Friendship Here is a short (approximately 1.5 page) essay on friendship. You may use this sample to write your own essay on friendship, and this essay writing guide: However, be attentive not to copy anything without referencing as your teacher will find it out immediately. Essay Friendship: Free Sample …Friendships are not the only ties that help to integrate the individual into the social Continue reading

Essay Examples


Essay Examples Looking for a good essay sample? On our website, there are only the high-quality essays to buy online!  Although it is little consolation to the American city dweller whose water is turned off several hours a day, and who cannot water the lawn, wash the car, or fill the swimming pool, our country is so much better off than the rest of the world as to be swimming in surplus water by comparison. According to the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Continue reading

Essay Editing


Essay Editing Essay editing is an integral step of quality essay writing you can get at  It is hardly possible to write an impressive essay without editing it several times. Why is it important to edit your essay?  Reading your essay several times, you may find many mistakes you have previously neglected. Moreover, editing is not limited to corrected mistakes. Essay editing is about making your essay better. You may add new arguments, ensure better Continue reading

Essay Civilization


Essay Civilization The following essay explores the concept of civilization.  It is a short excerpt.  If you want a custom essay written by a professional writer from scratch, you should place an order for essay writing. Essay Civilization Sample Civilization cannot be explained in terms of race or physical type. The conquering Mongols and Manchus are blood kin to the still primitive Siberian tribes. The Mayas of Yucatan and the Incas of Peru were kin to peoples who never rose above Continue reading

English Contract Law


English Contract Law: Full-Text Essay Sample This is the sample, written by experts in custom papers creation.  The purpose of contract law is to ensure that there will be a remedy if the agreement is not carried out or carried out in violation of the terms laid down by the parties.  The current English contract law does not require a written agreement and can be made orally.  The main point is that contract law is made between two parties (Dodgy Tony Ltd and Gordon) and by Continue reading

Effects of Shoplifting in the Community Essays


Effects of Shoplifting in the Community Essays If you want to get more essays samples, check our professional custom writing site online.  The Diebstabl form of shoplifting probably accounts for a considerable part of the official increase in theft. As self-service merchandising has spread throughout the Western industrialized societies, shoplifting has become an increasingly serious problem. It is reported to be very common, for example, in the Federal German Republic. Kaiser estimates Continue reading

Early Career and Stamp Act Congress


Thomas McKean: Early Career and Stamp Act Congress Today, the writers' team from our custom papers company is going to tell you the Thomas McKean's story.  Thomas McKean began his education at the Reverend Francis Allison’s New London Academy.  At the age of 16, McKean made a decision to begin the study of law in New Castle, Delaware.  From 1762 to 1763, McKean was the member of General Assembly of Delaware.  His judicial service started as the customs collector Continue reading

Descriptive Essay


Descriptive Essay Descriptive essay writing (see the example to have a clear idea what does it go about: should offer a description of an object, a person, or even an event.  You should also include such elements as comparison and evaluations. However, you are not expected to present your personal opinion on the matter as descriptive essay should not be analytical, persuasive or argumentative. Your task is to introduce Continue reading

Description Essays


Description Essays Description essays are not persuasive or argumentative. However, it does not mean that your descriptive essay should be boring to read.  On the contrary, a quality English essays writing gives you an opportunity to present an object or a person from an unexpected angle.  For example, focus on one element (color, for example) and describe how this element creates the overall image of the object or person.  If you need professional help with description essays Continue reading

Death Penalty Essay


Death Penalty Essay Death penalty essay is argumentative in its essence. If you need to choose the topic for your argumentative essay, this one would be perfect. Nevertheless, you are always welcome to check other topics, chosen by our service: However, your teacher may ask you to review the relevant laws objectively, without arguing in favor or against the death penalty.  Alternatively, the death penalty can be Continue reading