Descriptive Essay


Descriptive Essay

Descriptive essay writing (see the example to have a clear idea what does it go about: should offer a description of an object, a person, or even an event.  You should also include such elements as comparison and evaluations. However, you are not expected to present your personal opinion on the matter as descriptive essay should not be analytical, persuasive or argumentative. Your task is to introduce something.  Nevertheless, it does not mean that you should limit yourself to a dull description!  Add vivid language or focus on the unexpected quality of the described matter! The experts in writing any types of custom essays will give you the sample! 

Sample Descriptive Essay on Science in France

Central in the movement of ideas, a key to the situation in European thought as in politics, France exhibits and reflects vividly most of the impulses and tensions of the age. The intellectual atmosphere of Paris favored science as well as literature, promoted freedom of thought and speculation, enriched the imagination with new visions of truth, endowed the mind with qualities of clarity and precision, promoted humanism, and developed the sense of diversified values. In contrast with what was occurring elsewhere, in England and Italy, for instance, in France, there was a unique and fruitful relationship between the creative literary imagination and the empirical and rational adventure of the scientific investigator. The British essay that you can check here is one of the results. Objectivity, the precision of argument, moderate conclusions, the elegance of presentation, respect for accepted postulates, the freshness of outlook and treatment, regard for the dimensions of the human form and for normal human usefulness, these are qualities which mark both science and literature in seventeenth-century France. To the vastness of Paradise Lost and the Principia, France opposes Le Misanthrope and the Discours de la Methode. While Frenchmen wrote works corresponding in scope to the large vision of the English authors, such productions exhibit neither the genius that sustains the thought of Milton and Newton nor the brilliant economy that marks the creations of Moliere and Descartes. Yet all these works have an underlying kinship of method and outlook, a background of ideas and sentiments, instinctive attitudes, taste and prejudice, which in spite of conscious differences of direction and purpose, form and style, make one feel that there is a strong and homogeneous culture, present wherever the French mind is at work. If it's difficult for you to reach such writing style, don't be upset as our professional college papers writers will help you anyway! 

There is much evidence to corroborate the view that the society of France in this period was characterized by homogeneity. The diaries and correspondence of the time, published and unpublished, show that a foreign visitor could move across the country, from town to town, finding officers of government, clergy, merchants, lawyers and judges, Huguenot as well as Catholic, who offered no barriers to the exchange of views, who took an enlightened and unprejudiced interest in experience and ideas, discussing readily the problems and issues of their time and place. The records show that men of many nationalities did just that: Danes, Englishmen, Netherlanders, Italians, Scots, Swiss, Germans--none of them met a spiritual boundary that could not be crossed, a curtain, iron or silk, to stop the commerce in thoughtful interpretation and the recording of investigation and observation.

Descriptive Essay Writing Service

Descriptive essay writing, unlike other types of academic assignments, requires imagination and fluency in an expression of thoughts.  Looking at the person, for example, you may not pay attention to all details.  While you may focus on the cloth, another person will be impressed with the eyes. Our essay writers are working 24/7 to assist you with descriptive essay writing.  Our creative team is able to handle any writing assignment!  Despite the topic and required length, we will write your essay from scratch and according to requirements & instructions!

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