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Description Essays

Description essays are not persuasive or argumentative. However, it does not mean that your descriptive essay should be boring to read.  On the contrary, a quality English essays writing gives you an opportunity to present an object or a person from an unexpected angle.  For example, focus on one element (color, for example) and describe how this element creates the overall image of the object or person.  If you need professional help with description essays writing, you may ask our custom essay writers for help.  We are here to help you with any assignment at any time of day and even night. Critical essay writing is easy with our help!

Description Essays Sample

In all the seventeenth-century literature on childrearing, nurses were the most hated scapegoats. They were vicious, slothful, and inclined to drunkenness. Children were often smothered when nurses rolled over on top of them in their sleep. Even if the nurse managed to avoid doing overt harm to her charge, the latter would still be damaged by the process of feeding itself, for it was generally believed that the child took in the nurse's ignoble character through her milk. Some observers felt a certain sympathy for nurses, but even in these cases, aversion and disgust were the dominant attitudes: "I do not know anything more deceitful than a nurse; no matter how prepossessing they may seem, necessity reduces them to it."

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As explanations of the practice of employing nurses, these attacks are of little help. In condemning a custom they disliked, the doctors seem to have saved the greatest store of their indignation for the party who in real life exercised the least initiative. They devoted much energy to violent criticisms of the depravity and meanness of the nurses, although it is clear to any alert reader that these women were not to blame for their own exploitation. We must go beyond these diatribes to ask: if the nurses were so odious, why did prosperous mothers go on hiring them?

Women had a number of reasons for wanting nurses to take over the care of their children. Nursing was regarded as a dangerous, debilitating undertaking for a mother fresh from childbirth. Further, in opposition to the act of giving birth (and in spite of the efforts of doctors and moralists), the process of childrearing was not valued very highly and did not bring the mother much in the way of prestige or honor. Why should the mother "add to the pains which she had suffered in childbirth the grievous and difficult burden of feeding" the new-born infant? It should be remarked that this line of reasoning is based squarely upon the assumption that childrearing is not a pleasurable or rewarding experience, but simply an obnoxious task which might well be passed on to someone else. When care for infants meant only "the smell of the excrement of the baby ... the crying and the tears ... the sleepless nights," it certainly did make sense to call in a nurse whenever possible. Given these attitudes, the job of childrearing tended to degrade the mother who undertook it. For a "woman of quality" to spend too much time with infants was to run the risk of a "forfeiture of nobility". Become familiar with the modern look at this problem by reading this essay on working mothers

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The above sample essay combines elements of description and analysis. If your essay should be purely descriptive, you should focus on physical or sensual characteristics.  If you feel stuck writing your description essays, do not hesitate to request professional essay writing help at our site.  All payment methods are accepted; in case of the missed deadline – you get a full refund.  Our writing services are safe and reliable!

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