Essays on Social Research


Essays on Social Research

Social research is a very interesting topic to explore together with the topics, mentioned in this list: At the same time, writing essays on social research can become a real challenge if you do not have a deep understanding of the topic or simply lack time to devote to researching and writing.  Below is a short sample of an essay on social research.  You may read it and use any idea you find interesting enough to explore further.  If you need help with researching or writing, do not hesitate to request professional essay service at our site. Our writers are experts in the field of writing and they are capable to lead you through your academic challenges.  We can write your essay from scratch and in accordance with all requirements.

Sample Essays on Social Research

There are some educational researchers who are skeptical of the contribution action research can make to curriculum development and to knowledge. Because of the concept of research which they hold, they feel that action research is less scientific than the type which makes use of the standards and procedures of research in the physical sciences. For this reason, they question the validity of the findings and generalizations resulting from action research. Lewin holds such attitudes to be unwarranted. In discussing this problem, he says that it is by no means true "that the research . . . is in any respect less scientific or lower than what would be required for pure science in the field of social events."

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The skeptical attitude toward action research exists because the generalizations developed are applied only to the population studied. Generalizations derived from action research are usually based upon population samples that are not randomly selected. It is not possible for action research to set up a rigid control of variables in a classic manner so that results can be verified in repeated studies under similar conditions.

Such objections have merit. However, there are many factors in cooperative action research which compensate for these conditions. Action research findings achieve an actual validity because the studies are conducted in real classroom situations where the effects of many factors operating in such situations can be studied. As a result, the findings are often more realistic than those obtained in an artificial controlled setting. Action researchers recognize that when cooperative action research techniques are employed it may be difficult to isolate and verify the effect of any one factor. But they believe that the lack of precision in any one aspect is overbalanced by the greater precision achieved through the study of the situation as a whole. The experts from research paper writing service advise you to study this topic,and don't hesitate to ask for help! This is to say that when the researcher, through a rigid control of variables, seeks precision which can be verified through repeated experimentation under similar conditions, he does so at the expense of validity in a broad sense. Rigid control of variables is rarely possible in a social situation. Therefore, the results of such research too often cannot be applied in a normal social situation. For this reason, action researchers seek greater validity by operating in a research setting which is whole. The results of such research carry more meaning for action in normal social situations.

Essays on Social Research: Custom Writing

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