Research Paper Topics


Research Paper Topics

Research papers topics are many and diverse. Moreover, almost any topic can be turned into a research.  For example, broad topic “African Americans” can become a research paper topic if you choose to explore the history of African Americans’ liberation in the United States of America.  Our essay blog contains numerous samples of written research papers on many topics.  Of course, it is not easy to write a good research paper without having a good researchable topic in mind.  We offer two solutions: 1) free research paper samples and 2) custom research paper help.  Our research essay writers will impress you with their professionalism and responsible attitude toward writing.

Sample Research Paper Topics: Negro Crime

Negro crime and Negro relations with the police have been major, if unmeasurable, influences in the creation of social tensions between the white and colored communities in the United States. Richmond and Collins both state that police in England remark on a relative absence of adult crime and juvenile delinquency among the colored minority in Britain and emphasize that a small segment of the community is responsible for a major portion of law-breaking.  This has not been true in the United States. Negro rates of crime, no matter how carefully defined and standardized, are consistently greater than those for whites. The causes may well lie in differential treatment of the Negro and in patterns of widespread social deprivation. The causes, however, are irrelevant and whites respond to reported Negro crime with a generalized fear and antipathy. Negroes, in turn, expect differential and unfair treatment from law-enforcing agencies; are therefore more likely to resist arrest, are therefore more roughly handled another example of reflexive prophecy. Reports of incidents of racial violence in England suggest that colored persons have more frequently been arrested and that police have not always acted with complete impartiality. Nonetheless, it is doubtful that there is as widespread distrust and suspicion by the colored minority -- nor as warranted -- of the police in Britain as is true in the United States. While the situation may change, it is probably fair to say that these two problems, Negro crime as' creating apprehension in the white community and Negro relations with the police as creating social tensions among members of the colored community, will not be of great import in race relations in Britain at least for the next few years.

In the pages above an attempt has been made to trace out the influence of several factors involved in the building up of racial tensions. No attempt has been made to assess weights of importance for the various factors, though it would seem that in England some of them, for reasons specified, are of less importance than they are in the United States. References have been made to the essential irrelevance of incidents actually precipitating overt conflict -- the claim has been made that given a sufficient level of tension almost any incident could serve to set off a disturbance.

In concluding, attention is directed to three problems which cannot be treated here because of limitations of space, but which are nonetheless of considerable importance in an understanding of problems of inter-group relations in Great Britain and in the United States.

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