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Research Paper Writing Service

Why do you need to make a reference? Referencing does two things. First, it acknowledges the source of specific research paper material or argument. Second, it assists the research paper reader to locate the actual source of that material. Very few people are original thinkers. We may like to think so, but we are not. One of the human traits we all share is our ability to copy. We read other peoples' phrases, ideas and conceptual frameworks and build our own research paper ideas and concepts into a woven whole. While sometimes we cannot remember where we heard something or read something, as researchers we need - as best as humanly possible - to provide an 'audit trail' of what we have used to help conceptualize research paper ideas or mount an argument. Plagiarism, failure to reference material adequately, is one of the most serious academic offences. If college research paper examiner believes that you have taken material from another source without appropriate referencing, it can result in the failure of your project. Correct referencing serves to show the breadth of your research and also protects you from the risk of plagiarism accusations.

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There are two main methods of referencing for academic research paper writing. The first, more usual in academic circles, is the author-based system. In this approach, a citation includes the author's surname and the year of publication, while full reference details are given in an alphabetical reference list at the end of the research papers. The second is a number-based system, usually seen in footnoting or endnoting. In this system, citations are indicated by a number, with the source of the material given in a footnote at the bottom of the paper page or by endnotes at the end of the chapter, while full citation details are recorded in a list at the end of the paper.

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