Argumentative Essay on Privacy Rights


Argumentative Essay on Privacy Rights

Privacy right is the legislation protecting personal information of individuals from unauthorized access by third parties.  While writing the argumentative essay on privacy rights, the argumentative essays writers who are always ready to help you advise to provide some background information on the legislation protecting privacy, give reasons why it was initiated and whether it was necessary, and/or assess the effectiveness of the current laws. In addition, in your argumentative essay papers on privacy rights you need to analyze both sides of the argument but eventually lead the reader to accept your opinion on the issue.  For example, if you are writing an argumentative essay supporting the legislation protecting the privacy rights (, you might state that personal information should not be revealed to the third parties unless it is potentially harmful to the other individuals. Alternatively, if an argumentative essay is against the privacy rights, it is a good idea to refer to the privacy in healthcare, psychiatry in particular.  An argumentative essay can include the information about the privacy of patients who share their intentions to kill somebody with the doctor.  In this case, the healthcare specialist has the obligation to inform relevant authorities about the potential harm this individual can do.  If you need help with an argumentative essay on privacy rights, you may confidently rely on the professionalism of our essay writers and get a custom essay written from scratch especially for you. We deliver custom written argumentative essays on time!

Argumentative Essay on Privacy Rights: Sample

In the digital era, personal information has become increasingly valuable to businesses to a previously unforeseen extent. Developments in technology and increases in data flow have allowed for the commodification of personal information. While trading in personal information has opened up some lucrative business opportunities, from the perspective of the individual, this practice poses some privacy concerns. When individuals enter into an agreement with a service (for example custom essays writing service) or product provider some personal information about these individuals will be transferred from the individuals to the company; typically, the contracts will have some type of stipulation for privacy rights.

The scope of this paper will be to address the extent to which the state should interfere to regulate the privacy issues that arise out of the interaction between individuals and private sector actors. Specifically, the author will attempt to answer the question of whether state-imposed privacy entitlements should merely default rules or whether they should be inalienable by the individual even when there is consent to the waiver. The author will discuss the market-based approach to privacy and point out problems from a humanist perspective to conclude that a basic level of privacy rights is inalienable notwithstanding consent.

The debate about whether some statutory entitlements should be inalienable rather than just default rules is broader than just privacy. In terms of possible approaches to inalienability, it is noteworthy to point out three perspectives. The two opposing approaches are that statutory entitlements should be either universally waivable or non-waivable; the middle ground between these views is that entitlements should be non-waivable unless a justification in terms of efficiency is shown.

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