Argumentative Essays


Argumentative Essays

The masters of custom essays writing know for sure that sometimes, teachers assign topics that cannot be argued about. However, argumentative essays must be argumentative in essence.  In other words, you should take a position and present your point of view on it. Nevertheless, it is not enough to present your position; you must defend it and make your reader believe in your rightness.  Argumentative essays must be convincing and supported with specific arguments taken from reliable sources. Below is a short sample of an argumentative essay on science and philosophy. Don't forget to check another argumentative essay example:

Argumentative Essays: Free Sample

Kin though science and the imaginative arts may be in this age, the branches of the family diverge as the generations come and go until finally the unity of knowledge has been broken. The founding of the Royal Society of London and of the Academie Royale des Sciences crystallized the feeling of the scientists that they occupied a special position in the intellectual life of Christendom. At least nominally free of traditional intellectual or religious dogma, they were distinguished by the possession of a unique interest and technique, and a particular duty to the community of men of intelligence and philosophical outlook everywhere. Their work was something they had themselves largely planned, they defined their own areas of interest, and elaborated their own methods, to satisfy criteria of their own devising. While a dream of a universal science reuniting a divided Western world still had its fascination for some, the actual course of events in different countries produced different patterns of activity, and science grew in the framework of the political and cultural disunity of the nations of Europe.

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In England, the Royal Society soon became large and inclusive, and as a result was only in small part actively scientific. A group of brilliantly qualified workers, Boyle, Hooke, Wren, Lower, Martin Lister, Halley, Ray, Newton, and others, was surrounded by an amorphous gathering of amateurs and hangers-on whose support for science was neither regular nor enlightened. The Society suffered in prestige through having too much said about it in the wrong way. It had an unseemly struggle with the Royal College of Physicians who feared invasion of the medical field by the newcomers, and it suffered at the satiric hands of Samuel (Hudibras) Butler, and Thomas Shadwell, who set the stage for later and sharper lampoons by "Sir" John Hill and Jonathan Swift. But the virtuosi did sponsor important work, and their corporate existence fostered the publication of first-rate texts, including notably the foundation stone of the astronomy of two centuries, Newton Principia. A positive influence on literature stemming from a science of the Baconian and Royal Society tradition does not arise at once; one of its first products in this kind is the group of poets who use the new insight into visual sensation provided by the Optics to produce poetry studied with much insight by Marjorie Hope Nicolson. In France, on the other hand, the direction taken was quite different, and for a variety of reasons. In the first place, police considerations caused public academic activities to fall under the hand of the generally respected machinery of the state. Members of such bodies were salaried; authorities found a more or less suitable place for their sessions, which were kept under more or less discreet surveillance.

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The above sample of argumentative essays writing is written about science and philosophy. Nevertheless, the sample is rather weak for two reasons:  1) it is too short to develop the topic sufficiently and 2) there is no clear point of view expressed.  If you need help with argumentative essays writing, you may request professional assistance at any time as we are open 24/7! English essay writing services are affordable and reliable!

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