English Essay No Plagiarism!


English Essay No Plagiarism!

This article is written with the hope to educate you on how to write English essay without plagiarism! You may also consider using our professional custom English writing services and get the help of professional English essay writers with your academic assignment!

Step 1.  Choosing and Narrowing a Topic

  • How?—take time to choose a good one; use a journal; brainstorm with someone; use questioning and other techniques

Step 2. Determining Your Purpose and Audience, and Point of View

Step 3.  Discovering Ideas to Write About

  • Freewrite
  • Map
  • Brainstorm
  • Form questions
  • Use patterns of development
  • Research the topic

Step 4.  Developing and Supporting Your Thesis

  • Group related ideas together, and evaluate groupings
  • Do additional prewriting
  • Write your thesis statement, and decide where to place it
  • Supply a variety of evidence that is relevant and specific
  • Offer enough evidence
  • Provide evidence that is representative and accurate

Step 5.  Drafting

Step 6.  Revising Content and Organization (Analyze strengths and weaknesses; improve):

  • Purpose and audience
  • Thesis, topic sentences, and evidence
  • Organization
  • Paragraph development
  • Work with classmates

Step 7.  Editing and Proofreading

  • Analyze sentences and word choice
  • Correct for common sentence errors
  • Proofread your essay

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