Writing Critical Analysis Papers


Writing Critical Analysis Papers

You might be a very humble person and, perhaps, you never critic anyone. That is why you may have felt lost when you got your new assignment. But do not worry! Writing a critical analysis paper ( is not that difficult as it first seems. All you have to do is to study the book under consideration and to present the information you have learned in a proper way.

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Before you set to writing a critical analysis paper, try to find some facts about the author of the book. The information about author’s life can give you a notion of the period he/she lived in, of the main tendencies in the literature of that time. What is more, some of the books are autobiographical, that is why maybe, you will be able to parallel the fate of the author and those of his characters. Writing a critical analysis paper, keep in mind the topic of your paper. Even the most interesting facts will be of no use if they are not related to the subject.

Writing Critical Analysis Papers Tips

  • At the beginning of your essay write some words about the genre of the book, it can be a story, a historical book, a critical book etc.

Usually, the size of essay provides you enough space to cover some levels of the text. That is why, writing a critical analysis paper, you can start your analysis with lexical level. You can start the main part of your critical analysis paper with analyzing the title of the book. Then, speak about the main peculiarities of the author’s language, about the stylistic devices which are typical of the text. Speaking of the author’s style, it is good to mention the most common sentence structures he/she uses. Say something about the chronology of narration, e.g. linear or non-linear. Writing a critical analysis paper, do not fail to mention the type of narration, it can be, for instance, from the 1st or the 3rd person singular and try to explain, why the author resolved to use exactly this type.

  • Further on, writing a critical analysis paper, pass over to analyzing the main characters.  Denote the antagonist and the protagonist, try to give their evaluation. Then speak about minor characters too.
  • To sum everything up, analyze if the author managed to achieve his purpose. Also write about your impressions from the book, what were your feelings and emotions when you read it.

Well, now you see that writing a critical analysis paper can be a rather captivating work to do. Do not miss an opportunity to get your perfect essay written with the help of our essay writing service!

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