Writing a Scientific Research Paper for High School


Writing a Scientific Research Paper for High School

The custom research papers writers are sure that you are not the only person who thinks that writing a scientific research paper for high school is a challenge.  While it is much easier to write a scientific research paper for high school than for college, many students are terrified with scientific writing assignments. Do not panic! There is always a way out. Below is a short sample scientific research paper written to give you an idea of what to include in your paper. 

Scientific Research Paper for High School: Sample

…..At a time when "phlogiston" and "airs" still reigned supreme, we have a mind analyzing a machine in terms of precise scientific concepts-conduction of heat, conservation of heat, the pressure of air and of vapor. Here indeed is an example of what Whitehead reminds us was the cause of the transformation of European civilization during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries: not merely the making of inventions, but the discovery of the technique of making inventions.

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Other patents followed in rapid succession: Watt was a master at improving his own improvements. But in our homage to Watt, we must not forget the debt that is due to Black, Roebuck, and Matthew Boulton, who successively backed him with larger and larger sums of money, without which his engine would never have passed beyond the laboratory. To Boulton, in particular, does the world owe a large part of whatever advantage it has gained from the steam engine. This Birmingham ironmaster was one of the first "captains of industry"; he combined foresight with boundless energy and versatility with moral courage. He knew that to ensure the permanent adoption of steam power it was necessary to accept low profits--mostly on a royalty basis, so much being paid each year by the purchaser in proportion to the amount saved by the new engine--and high risk; so while Watt was whining that his invention brought him nothing but sorrow, Boulton was risking his all in the determination to hold the public interest. At first, the professional custom essays writers their steam engine was used only for pumping, as Newcomen's had been, but Watt's invention of the "sun and planet" gear, whereby to-and-fro motion of the piston was converted into rotary motion for spinning and grinding, was at once recognised by Boulton as the herald of a new age.

Its consequences to social life have been incalculable; for it not only accelerated the disappearance of hand spinning and weaving (the former started by Arkwright's invention of the roller spinning frame worked by water power) but also removed the necessity for mills of all kinds being built near streams. The social upheaval was less than it might have been, as the Pennine Hills, whose streams had determined the situation of the first factories, were little distant from the chief outcrops of the coal measures. But the increase in production may be judged from the fact that the number of power looms rose from 2,400 in 1813 to 100,000 in 1833….

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