Example of a Research Paper


Example of a Research Paper

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Research Paper Example

There are so many people employed in the petroleum industry that any circumstance that might seriously disturb that industry is of social importance. What would happen if our supply of crude petroleum should suddenly dwindle? Perhaps it is fair to assume that maintaining a large sales organization, the petroleum industry would continue to prepare and market whatever fuels might be available. There are already in use in many parts of the world blends of gasoline with alcohol, for the most part required in those countries to assist agriculture. The alcohol is readily prepared from annual growing farm crops. The relative costs of alcohol and gasoline make the proposal economically unattractive at the present time in the United States, and wide interest can scarcely be expected until the cost curves of the two materials at least approach, if they do not actually cross each other. If, as, and when, the United States should embark on a large-scale program for the use of alcohol in a motor fuel, estimates indicate that thousands of acres would be required to grow the raw material for fermentation, a large number of alcohol distilleries would be required, and many hundreds of men would find new employment. The fuel distribution system would not be disturbed, but to what extent those now employed in oil fields, oil refineries, and kindred services would be displaced has not been estimated. The alcohol advocates would contend, however, that when crude oil becomes less plentiful these employees would face loss of position anyway. From present data it would seem certain that largescale agriculture undertaken to support the fuel alcohol industry would need to be conducted on the basis of producing the utmost at the lowest possible unit price, rather than to practice any program of restriction.

In the meantime abroad the hydrogenation of coal tars has reached substantial proportions. In Germany between 900,000 and 1,000,000 metric tons of a fuel satisfactory for automobile-type engines is being produced by adding the gas hydrogen to these coal tars or to powdered coal in a stream of crude oil at elevated temperature and high pressure. The same process or a modification of it has been subsidized in Great Britain. Besides the possibility of our applying a similar process to the bituminous coal and tars made therefrom, in this country, the research on hydrogenation has been extended by one of the great oil companies of the United States which at great expense has learned how the method can be so modified as to apply to petroleum hydrocarbons.

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