Writing a Critical Essay Tips


Instructions for Writing a Critical Essay

This article is written by our quick custom writing service to give you several valuable pieces of advice on writing a critical essay. If you have troubles with writing a critical essay or simply do not want to devote your time to this type of academic writing, you should not hesitate to order professional writing service at our site! You will be satisfied with the quality of our writing services and you’ll definitely come back to us to use our professional help again and again!

  • Step 1: Topic Choice

As a process of writing a critical essay is challenging, the topic should interest you and arise some ideas for discussion. If the topic is boring, you will not be inspired to write a critical essay about it. Therefore, take your time to develop a good critical essay topic! You may use the topic ideas from this post:

  • Step 2:  Conducting Research

The second step is equally important. You have the task to conduct a thorough research on your topic. Please take into account that your teacher does not want to see a collection of paragraphs summarizing the main ideas of articles or books you have found. Your teacher is looking for the critical analysis and exploration of your own ideas. In addition, you should not forget about the importance of proper referencing; as you’ll have to deal with plagiarism issue otherwise.

  • Step 3: Outline or Summary

Make a summary of a critical essay and plan for writing a critical essay. As you have a specific deadline to meet, you need to distribute your time wisely. The easier variant is to find two or more summaries, make up your own, changing words, and word order. In addition, you may write an outline, which should consist of the introductory part, the body part, and the conclusion part. Try to think on your thesis sentence and arguments which you will use to support your ideas. The more specific arguments and ideas you will present while writing a critical essay, the more successful your essay will be. The plan should be detailed, as it will help you achieve a complete analysis of the topic.

  • Step 4: Editing & Proofreading

The final stage of writing a critical essay is to proofread and edit your rough draft. Take into account the necessity to add some explanation before and after a quote. Published and Internet sources should be included in the reference list as well. You should reduplicate thesis sentence in the conclusion part and cite every argument properly.  All your original ideas and offers on the subject should be touched on in conclusion also. You may ask professional editors to check your paper properly!

What is a Step 0?

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