Controversial Essay Topics


Controversial Essay Topics

Our writers from this online custom service know for sure that once being assigned to narrow down a topic for the purpose of making it more controversial, students get confused. What arecontroversial essay topics all about? How to define whether the topic chosen is or is not controversial? If it is difficult for you to give answers to these questions, this article may turn out much useful to you.

In order for you to understand what is meant by controversial essay topics, let us give you several different definitions of them.

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  • Argumentative essay topics are the questions that are hard to answer definitely;
  • Controversial essay topics are the problems that many people tried to discuss but failed to come to a single conclusion;
  • Controversial essay topics give grounds for discussion, and the opinions on these topics will certainly be different;
  • Controversial essay topics are the ones that you might express your opinion on, but it will be hard for you to defend it.

You are welcome to have a look at this post with the list of topics: Controversial essay topics may be discussed from different perspectives which means different sides of one question may be considered. Let us give you several examples of it:

Controversial essay topics: Abortion

  • Should abortion be forbidden in the USA?
  • Should parents talk to their teenage children about the harm of abortion?
  • Should condoms be sold to young teens to reduce the number of abortions?
  • Have argumentative academic essay writers the right to decide whether a woman can have an abortion or not. 

Controversial essay topics: Marijuana

  • Should marijuana be legalized?
  • Should school students be given lectures about the harm of marijuana?
  • Should marijuana be equalized

Controversial essay topics: Cloning

  • Should cloning be legalized in the USA?
  • Is cloning immoral?
  • Should the church let people clone?

Controversial essay topics: Capital punishment

  • Is capital punishment effective?
  • Should capital punishment be legalized in all parts of the USA?
  • Does capital punishment make a brutalizing effect on the public?

Controversial essay topics: Racial discrimination

  • Should government search for effective solutions to the problem of racial discrimination?
  • Is the participation of US government in solving the problem of racial discrimination active enough at the moment?

As you can see there are many different perspectives that controversial issues may be considered from. Before you actually start writing your essay, do not forget to consult your teacher on the appropriateness of the topic selected.

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