Observation Essays


Observation Essays

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Observation essays are descriptive and analytical types of writing.  In particular, writing observation essays, you should describe a person or a place and provide comments or analysis of what you have observed.  Observation essay should be supported with examples and vivid examples.  For example, tell a story from your personal life.  Make sure that the example fits the theme of your observation essay!  Our free blog includes many samples and examples of observation essays.  One of the samples is posted below.  If you need assistance with writing your observation essay, do not hesitate to request custom essay writing help at our site. Our writers are experts in writing industry and they will not decline your order despite of its complexity!

Observation Essays: Free Sample

The boys and girls in this class were studying their community and were discussing the ways in which the federal, state, and municipal governments co-operated in safeguarding the health of the people by inspecting the food supply. With the glibness of those who do not appreciate that the protection of public health is more than a matter of promulgating regulations, the boys and girls spoke of the work of federal meat inspectors and local board of health agents. Nowhere was there any indication that the students realized that these men were people and not just symbols on a chart and that the protection of the food supply was more than another topic for class discussion.

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In order to help these boys and girls to visualize the problems they were discussing, the teacher asked them how many quarts of milk their families purchased daily. They soon found that the average for that class was about two quarts for each family and that their class of thirty-five accounted for some eighteen gallons of milk a day. When they were reminded of the number of classes in their school and did some rapid computation, they were impressed by the amount of milk it took to meet the needs of just those families which had children attending that one school. Thinking of their town as a whole, they estimated the daily milk needs. To these boys and girls, the number of gallons of milk consumed in their town seemed fantastically large. When the teacher read them a table of the volume of milk received daily in their town during the preceding week, they found that their estimate was not high enough because they had ignored the uses of milk in the preparation of ice cream, pastries, butter, cheese, and other milk products.

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It was at this point that the teacher asked how it was possible to supply huge quantities of milk of such unquestioned purity that they never hesitated before drinking the milk set before them. They now spoke of the inspection of milk with a better understanding of the immensity and the importance of the problem. As they were discussing the various points at which lax inspection could lead to catastrophe, one of the students asked whether they could all go down to visit the local milk pasteurization and bottling plant. The class, remembering how much they had enjoyed a trip taken the preceding month, gladly accepted the suggestion of another trip.

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