Need an Essay on Military Leadership


Need an Essay on Military Leadership

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Essay on Military Leadership Sample

The scope of the U.S. overseas military commitment has been enormous in the forty-five years since World War II. That commitment includes 1 million military troops -- a number that cannot be indefinitely sustained but will cause a revolutionary change in the structure of international power when it is altered because U.S. military leadership is central to the system of the Pax Americana. The Pax Americana is based on three pillars: military power, the dollar, and U.S. multinational firms. Security is an important international public good, which is provided by military leadership. Although military costs have been substantial in the postwar period, they have resulted in enormous benefits, notably the absence of global war. Because of the security framework maintained by the United States, the dollar has served as the key currency and complemented the extensive activities of U.S. multinational corporations overseas. If U.S. troops withdraw from Europe or Asia, the global security system will become more decentralized and multipolar, generating a substantial change in the whole international system.

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Although the military costs of the United States have been larger than those of its major allies, they are not the sole cause of the relative decline of the U.S. economy. International monetary, trade, and aid commitments have also involved costs. American macroeconomic policies have contributed to the twin deficits, especially in pushing up the value of the dollar in the first part of the 1980s and thereby inducing a huge deficit in the balance of payments. The erosion of the competitiveness of U.S. industries has also contributed to the U.S. decline.

The rapid and remarkable development of the Japanese economy in the postwar period has been attributed to Japan's limited isolation from international turbulence for the past four decades -- especially from all military activities. Criticism, especially from the United States, intensified as Japan became the world's largest creditor nation and doubled its income and wealth (in nominal terms) between 1985 and 1988. Because of the expansion of Japanese international economic commitments, priorities established in Tokyo must be made compatible with the policies of Japan's Western allies, especially the United States.

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To establish how the international burden should be shared, Japan needs a comprehensive approach to foreign policy, especially to bilateral relations with the United States. Military power plays a critical role in maintaining the global balance of power, but defense costs cannot be shared in proportion to the economic size of nations. International commitments must be shared by major countries in a more comprehensive way, which includes economic as well as military costs.

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