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History Essays

History essays cannot be written in your own words unless you are knowledgeable on the topic or need to write a short essay based on the textbook you studied in class.  If history essays writing is a real challenge for you, if you do not know how to express your ideas on the paper, you may take advantage of our custom essay samples posted in our blog or request custom essay writing help.  History essays written with our help are original, fully-referenced, and meet all academic requirements. Below is the short sample history essay on times of Pharaons:

History Essays: Sample on Pharaons

The Pharaohs of the Middle Kingdom had subjugated Sudan as far as the Second Cataract and had established factories beyond this frontier at least as far as Kerma. Here a curious hybrid culture flourished, employing Egyptian techniques in faience and metal, yet also using such alien materials as mica and shell, and native-inspired designs. Read another history paper example: As early as the reign of Ammenemes II, the Count Hapdjefi, the governor of this region, who had prepared a handsome tomb and endowment for himself in his native Asyut, was buried at Kerma under a large tumulus surrounded by his servants and women-folk. These had been drugged and suffocated to accompany their master in the other world, and if Hapdjefi could so far forget all the instincts of the civilized Egyptian as to accept the local barbaric custom of sati- burial, assuming he had a choice in the matter, it would be small wonder if in the course of a few generations hereditary governors should not have gone entirely native and sought to assert an independence in the face of the crumbling metropolitan power in distant Egypt, as was to happen in similar circumstances in the eleventh century B.C. Get your perfect history essay on our writing & editing website! The formidable fortresses built during Dynasty XII between the First and Second Cataracts were all stormed and destroyed during the Second Intermediate Period, a task surely beyond the skill of a primitive though warlike folk, unless they were directed by officers versed in the military operations of a civilized State.

While to Manetho the Hyksos seizure of supreme power seemed an unmitigated disaster, we can recognize it as one of the great fertilizing influences in Egyptian civilization, bringing fresh blood, new ideas, and different techniques into the Valley and ensuring that Egypt kept to the mainstream of the Bronze Age culture in the Eastern Mediterranean. A number of innovations now appear. Even during the time of the Asiatic invasions of the Delta at the end of the Old Kingdom, a curious perforated hemispherical seal, known to archaeologists as a button-seal, made its appearance. During the Middle Kingdom, this was transformed into the characteristic Egyptian scarab, perhaps more of an amulet than a seal, and this artifact was adopted with enthusiasm by the Hyksos who produced them in enormous numbers. The proficient custom writers are always ready to help with your essay! With the Hyksos, too, bronze comes into general use. It was easier to work than copper and more effective for weapons and hardware generally. In the later phases of the war of liberation that developed between the Hyksos and the Thebans at the end of our period, a whole range of novel weapons was introduced from Asia, such as the horse-drawn chariot, scale armor, the composite bow, and new designs of daggers, swords, and scimitars.

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