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Media Coursework

Here is a sample media coursework on the revolution in Peruvian media.  As you will see, the topic is highly focused  While it is harder to write a focused media coursework, you should choose as a focused topic as possible to allow covering too much information. Contact us to get an urgent coursework help

Media Coursework Sample

The ideas of the Revolution concerning the media have been treated separately because they often get confused with the ways they were carried out. This is unfortunate because the Peruvian communication ideology ranks with the half-dozen most complex in history. The unfolding of the Revolution also is significant in its human, practical effects on the media. And as often happens, the reality developed at a different level from the ideas. Unlike many pseudo-revolutions in Latin America which are really palace coups, the Peruvian experience has been a massive change from earlier ways, motivated by a sincere concern for the good of the poorest classes. But it also had its underlying strands of factional rivalry and of lust for power.

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The story of the Peruvian Revolution has been largely one of the military's effort to destroy or reshape other institutions of society (with the notable exception of the Catholic Church). This has its base in ideology, as has been seen, but also derives from the jealousy which the more leftist wing of the military -the one which was in control during the first seven years -- holds for the elites of other institutions. While the navy and air force officer corps tend more toward traditionalism, the dominant army has drawn in a steady flow of upwardly mobile men from the lower classes. Thus it was that Juan Velasco, the son of a street sweeper, became the military president of Peru. He and those like him were the most determined to humble the elites, including the media barons. When the Inter-American Press Association protested the 1974 expropriation of Lima dailies, Velasco showed no little class consciousness in his reply: "The organization of owners of newspapers in the continent should know now that today their opinion matters very little in Peru and that their members no longer give orders here."

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Peru entered its revolutionary period with the standard communication paraphernalia of a Latin American government -- an official gazette, the government broadcast stations and the usual claque of respectful reporters who would dutifully carry the official pronouncements back to their media for publication, even if the editorial pages raged in opposition. But even some of the editorial pages considered the heart of the newspapers, did little to oppose the basic goals of the Revolution. Its two earliest thrusts were to nationalize some foreign companies and to carry out land reform, both of which had long been advocated by many orthodox politicians. Among the morning dailies, none was more supportive the first year than El Comercio, the most prestigious.

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