Martin Luther King Essay


Martin Luther King Essay

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Martin Luther King is one of the most prominent figures in American history. His contribution to liberation of the African Americans cannot be underestimated.  If you are writing Martin Luther King essay, you should divide it into two parts (of course, your teacher may give you specific requirements):  1) biography and 2) role in society.  Below is a sample Martin Luther King essay.  This sample does not have an introduction or conclusion.  It is posted here only with the hope to give you some ideas for your writing. Our essay blog contains hundreds of pages with writing tips and advices. If you need individual help with writing, you should request professional custom essay help on our site. We are able to handle all types of essays.

Martin Luther King Essay: Sample

On Tuesday, April 2, the little cavalcade crossed the Elbe and headed southward. Its route lay through Leipzig and the lands of hostile Duke George, who had furnished a safe-conduct for the journey. In spite of official enmity, the city council of Leipzig honored Martin with a draft of wine when he reached that city, where he spent the night of April 4. At Naumburg, picturesquely clustered about its great cathedral in the valley of the Saale, the route turned westward over the hills to Weimar, a road well known to Martin from his early Wittenberg days, and last traveled three years before when flushed with ardor for the attack on indulgences, he had gone this way to the Heidelberg convention of his order. Faring along amid the first touches of spring, the little party whiled away the hours, not in casual conversation, but as a cloistered discipline and university usage prescribed, with a discussion of a typical scholastic theme, the Book of Joshua as a pre-image of the Gospel. According to the research, conducted by the urgent custom essays writing company, somewhere early in the journey they met an acquaintance from the Wittenberg library coming from the Rhineland, who gave them the first news of the publication of the imperial edict at Worms; and even before he reached Erfurt, if Luther's memory in later years may be trusted, the document itself stared him in the face from the gates of the towns through which they passed. Perhaps he first saw it in Weimar where, as he gratefully recalled, Duke John, the co-ruler of the Ernestine Saxon lands, gave him further funds for the journey.

Before he left Wittenberg, Martin seems to have been somewhat uncertain as to whether danger might not attend his passing through Erfurt, and he had appointed a rendezvous for his friend Lang at Eisenach, in case he should have to avoid the university town. Whatever uncertainty he may have felt as to his reception was dispelled when he approached the city of his alma mater. Long before the little party reached the gates it was met by a crowd of students and other supporters of Luther, who led him into the city and through the narrow streets to the well-remembered gate of the Augustinian cloister. Don't forget that you may order essays written by our highly professional custom writing team. This was April 6, and the following day, a Sunday, he preached in the Augustinian chapel, whether crowds streamed to hear him. One of their number, a student from Dresden, recalled many years later that the portico of the church ("Porkirche") cracked from the multitude and a panic was averted only by the comforting words of Luther, who reminded his hearers that this was a trick of the devil.

Martin Luther King Essay Custom Writing

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