How to Write an English Essay


How to Write an English Essay

English essay writing is an essential part of your studying at college or university. There are essays to write (or custom essays to buy, as our experienced writing service offers) about the causes of the Cold War, terrorism, economic policies, government, history, technical reports, etc. Sometimes the essay topic isn't assigned, with no specific guidance on how to start English essay writing. In such case, you may start looking for a specific essay topic by asking yourself different questions.  Your answer will help you to understand what theme you'd like to investigate while writing an English essay, or you may just refer to this topic list: Prior to writing an English essay state your thesis sentence, write an outline, write the first draft, revise and expand the draft. This process will improve your English essay writing skills. The process of discovering the topic is usually difficult for English essay writers. You should have a strategy to find a topic and supporting documents.

  1. It is a good idea to explore the origin of the topic, to read some background information. You can find aspects of the topic that are very interesting to cover while writing an English essay
  2. For example, it is difficult to say what the abstract word "hate" means, for example. Sure, you can say exactly that it isn't love. You may write an essay by describing opposite sides of something:  hate vs. love.
  3. State motive and purpose. Why are you going to write about this topic, who is your audience? The experts from professional paper writing company advise thinking about your audience: what does your audience know, what would your readers enjoy reading? 
  4. Brainstorm. Write down as many ideas as possible. Don't stop thinking whether your ideas are worth to write an English essay about. Just write down everything that comes to your mind. Put the idea down quickly in few sentences, just three or four. Sometimes, you will find that the very fact of trying to write out the idea helps to clarify your thoughts.

You may use several of these strategies simultaneously. Once you understand what strategy is suitable, you will know how to write an English essay.

English Essay Writing Hint

While writing an English essay avoid plagiarism. Alternatively, you may order plagiarism-free English papers on our site. In any college or university, every day you will study other people's ideas: read them in books, discuss them in class and hear them during the lecture. Plagiarism is using others' ideas and words without clear acknowledgment of the source of that information. To avoid plagiarism put in quotation marks everything that comes directly from the text. Paraphrase, but be sure you are not just rearranging or replacing few words.

Custom English Essay

If you are not experienced in English essay writing, every assignment requiring writing will be problematic.  It is possible to learn how to write an English essay, however, it takes many years of practice while your assignment has to be completed now. offers you to use our essay writing services and get professionally written custom essays without any efforts.

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