Gun Control Essay


Gun Control Essay

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Gun Control Essay: FREE SAMPLE

…The observations suggest that hunters confront two rather distinct sources of danger. One is the sort of danger, which given the nature of the activity, is probably endemic to hunting; traveling through fields and forests intent on shooting other animals, hunters will probably always shoot one another and themselves. These are the sort of accidents emphasized in the NRA's Uniform Hunter Casualty reports, where either human failings which are presumably ineradicable in some portion of most groups of men, such as carelessness or ignorance, cause hunters to shoot someone while moving a loaded rifle over a fence or out of a car or unpredictable tricks of fate, such as a rifle's trigger being caught by a bush, lead to accidents. The professional custom papers writers want to emphasize the fact that the other sort of danger, referred to in the two reports mentioned above, is due to human failings that presumably can be easily and accurately detected in most groups of men, such as color blindness, faulty depth perception, poor general vision, or a history of previous firearms accidents.

Overall it seems possible that gun control laws of three different degrees of severity could achieve three different kinds of savings in terms of deaths and injuries caused by hunters' firearms. Initially, relatively mild restrictions on who would be licensed to own a gun (ideally coupled with even stricter provisions for hunting licenses) in terms of physical condition, including vision, and previous record, including firearms accidents, would seem likely to eliminate some of the more predictable casualties due to hunters who are demonstrably accident prone or physically deficient. Our custom research paper writing experts are eager to stress that public opinion polls have repeatedly indicated that not only the general public but also gun owners favor stricter gun laws, including the registration of all guns and the prohibition of certain categories of people from possessing them. Accordingly, the savings associated with such a system of licensing could be achieved with practically no widely perceived sacrifices by hunters.

The second, and considerably more severe form of gun control for hunters, associated with a general civilian disarmament, is the establishment of depositories for firearms, maintained by hunting and sporting clubs. Members would be allowed to sign out their weapons for appropriate purposes but would be required to return them to the depository. The storage of hunting weapons in depositories, and not in the home, as an adjunct to a general domestic disarmament, with its potential saving of 14,000 accidental firearms casualties a year, seems likely to be a more widely acceptable arrangement than a total domestic disarmament….

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