Essay on Gun Control


Essay on Gun Control

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Essay on Gun Control Sample

….A somewhat different approach to the problem of investigating the impact of gun control upon crime and violence rates is provided by a staff report prepared for the National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence. Focusing not upon the presence or absence of gun laws, but upon the degree of availability of firearms, the report provided several comparisons indicating that rates of firearms possession in an area are paralleled by the amount of gun-related violence in the same area. This approach has both advantages and problems. On the one hand, the approach is particularly useful because it bypasses the problem of evaluating the restrictiveness and efficacy of gun laws. On the other hand, according to the professional college essays writers, by focussing upon the rates of gun-involved violence and not upon overall rates of violence and crime the empirical analyses stop short of clearly demonstrating a connection between the availability of guns and the general level of crime and violence (i.e., the suggestion that absent guns will be replaced by other weapons is not empirically confronted).

This truncation of the empirical analysis short of demonstrating changes in the overall rates of violence is dealt with in two ways. At one point the decision to focus primarily upon rates of gun violence is viewed as a means of avoiding the confounding effects of varying intervening variables by simply comparing proportions of gun violence across regions with varying overall violence rates. Although this approach, taken by itself, would evade the important practical question of whether a reduction in the availability of guns would lower overall rates of violence, it is supplemented in the report by an effort to strengthen the logical, if not empirical, connections between rates of gun violence and overall rates of violence.

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Several empirical studies were conducted which indicated that gun wounds are five times more apt to be fatal than knife wounds and that similar circumstances surround both gun and knife attacks, suggesting that the deadliness of gun attacks is not due to differing degrees of motivation on the part of the attacker, but to the effectiveness of the weapon itself. These studies strengthen the logical connection between rates of gun violence and overall rates of violence by indicating that a given number of gun injuries will simply produce more fatalities than a similar number of injuries by alternate weapons. Thus, although the report's studies focus upon rates of gun violence, a significant connection between these rates and overall violence rates is suggested to exist….

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