GCSE Maths Coursework


GCSE Maths Coursework

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Of those who helped in preparing the way for the development of the newer mathematics of the second half of the century, a few others may be cited for their success in the teaching of the subject. One of the more prominent was Theodore Strong. He was a pupil of Jeremiah Day of Yale and thereafter taught at Hamilton and Rutgers. The nature of mathematics in America during the second quarter of the century is fairly well represented by his contributions. Matthew Stewart's theorems on the circle were stated without proof in 1746 and were proved by Strong about 1814, some years after the solution by James Glennie in the Edinburgh Philosophical Transactions. A series of other problems by Strong and relating to the circle appeared later in Silliman's Journal. The team from custom essay writing service highly appreciates his "Demonstration of Stewart's properties of the circle"3 that was published in the Memoirs of the Connecticut Academy of Sciences. In his Algebra, he suggested that the elements of the calculus might profitably be taught in the secondary schools. The book also contained a new treatment of the irreducible case of the cubic, certain improvements in the solution of equations, and a method, which appears to have been new, of using Bernoulli numbers in integration. Other memoirs and solutions of his appeared in various journals, including the American Journal of Science, the Boston Journal of Philosophy, the Mathematical Miscellany, and the Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

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GCSE Maths Coursework Help

This is not the place to speak at any greater length of the early astronomical observers. Suffice it to say that creditable work was done in the closing years of the eighteenth century by Dr. James Madison at the College of William and Mary and by other astronomers, but the mathematics involved was simply that of the standard English texts. It was not until the middle of the nineteenth century that the United States Government could be led to see the necessity for a national observatory, although James Monroe, when the secretary of state in 1812, urged Congress to undertake this project. The name of Charles Gill in connection with the Mathematical Miscellany is almost forgotten in this generation, and yet he was a man of undoubted ability and of considerable influence in promoting the study of mathematics in his day.

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