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Friendship Essays

Today, the certified paper writers working for our company are ready to share a good sample of essay writing with you. If you have an assignment to write friendship essays, you should not think that you can handle this type of writing easily. Undoubtedly, it is much easier to write friendship essays than scientific research papers; however, the importance of the writing process should not be neglected.  Below is the sample friendship essay posted here to give you some ideas on how to write a good essay.

Friendship Essays Sample

…As well as representing different approaches to sociability, the broad distinctions being made here reflect the different boundaries that are drawn around the concept of 'friend'. That is, some people require more of a relationship for it to qualify as a friendship (at least in an interview setting), than others. It is important to recognize that having a second orientation to friendship does not mean that no qualitative distinctions are made between one's various friends. In Matthews's terms, the majority of the acquisitive group have some friendships that are closer and more intimate than the rest -equivalent to the friendships recognized by the 'discerning' -- but do not exclude as friends people who do not meet these exacting criteria. Although there are many layers to the bald contrast between close and less close friends, in the opinion of English custom essay writers, even in this crude form the distinction is a useful one for examining the significance of friendship in the lives of elderly people and the part it plays in their well-being.

Clearly, no necessary correlation exists between the frequency of face-to-face interaction and the closeness of a friendship tie. Friendships of different sorts are developed throughout one's life. However, the majority of these friendships do not survive any major changes that occur in either side's circumstances, such as geographical mobility or changed domestic status. Instead, most of the previous sociable ties become inactive, with new relationships being developed to take their place in the friendship circles of those involved. Other things being equal, the only friendships that are likely to continue despite changed circumstances are those which are defined as particularly close, according to the opinion of experts from analytical essay writing service. Thus, as a result of routine patterns of mobility over the life course, it is highly likely that many elderly people will not live particularly near to their closest friends and so not see them very frequently. Conversely, while some may have close friends in the immediate vicinity, in many cases those with whom they spend most time may not be the ones to whom they feel closest.

Yet, while an elderly person's most intimate friendships may not be particularly active in this sense, they can still fulfill important functions for the individual precisely because they have been long-lasting. Indeed, the fact that they have survived, where other relationships have not, is itself an indication for those involved of their special strength and quality. The majority are well aware that the solidarity and commitment inherent in these friendships cannot easily be developed in new relationships….

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