How to Write a Good Essay


How to Write a Good Essay

Disclosing the given topic

As you know, a topic is in its way a hidden question. For instance, a topic “Technological progress and its effect” conclude into itself such question as “What is technological process?”, “What effect has it on the society in a whole and a human being apart?”, “What will come in the future?” and others. You should find out what a question you should answer and provide readers with relevant and clear statements upon it. Obviously, you may not say just “Yes” or “No”. You need to bring some evidence and arguments to the discussion.

Structure your essay correctly

If you have ever thought about how to write a good essay, you might have faced some articles on the writing essays in the 5-pragraph form. Of course, it is, indeed, convenient form of writing and the beginner may use it without any doubt. However, if you want your essay to be brilliant and get a good grade for it, you need to think out some new techniques of writing. It may be either a strange statement in the introduction, which you will argue further, or an anecdote, which will substitute a memorable conclusion, or an inspiring narration in the body part. There should be some special thrill in that what you are writing.

Formal versus informal

It is even struggle between formal and informal styles make us fell ill at ease while writing another essay. Students ask how to write a good essay, but forget about what styles they use. Writing requires students to be attentive in using a proper style, language and word-construction.

Say something before and after quotation

You might have heard it so many times that now you cannot raise your hand not to write your explanation after quoting someone. Nevertheless, students often forget about the need to write something before quotation, what may prepare their readers to the putting some example or evidence. Use it writing references in accordance with the style you write in.

Be ahead of understanding

If you understand, what you write about, it does not mean at all that your readers may understand it. If a structure of thoughts explanation is wrong, if you do not put some examples, if you miss certain aspects of writing, it may make your essay difficult for understanding and analyzing. In this case, you risk to mess up in writing and to break all rules of how to write a good essay.

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