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…The reviewed data is divided into two major parts: initially several comparisons of the gun laws and crime statistics of various American cities, states, and regions; and secondly, a comparison of the crime statistics for a number of selected industrial nations. In each section, the analysis will proceed in the following way: a review of the gun laws in the various areas and the basis on which they may be ranked according to restrictiveness; a comparison of the crime statistics drawn from the different areas, and particularly the total homicide rate and the percentage of these deaths attributable to firearms use; and an examination of the intervening variables whose possible influence must be accounted for if a valid causal relationship between gun legislation and crime statistics is to be shown. Maybe, this essay on gun control will also be of help. 

The fundamental criteria for distinguishing among gun laws is whether or not they prohibit all gun use or simply regulate gun use. Regulation measures may be further subdivided according to the effect of the laws on the availability of firearms-how much do they diminish gun sales and possession, for which groups and what purposes, etc. Thus, one can draw a continuum of laws from the most restrictive to the most lenient: at one end, there is total prohibition plus implementation which effectively means a domestic disarmament; in the middle of the range of laws are regulatory measures which bar specific guns from specific categories of individuals; and finally, at the other end, are regulatory measures which are either so limited in their range of application or so lenient in their effect as to be of little consequence in curbing gun use. American laws, both state and federal, are in the last category; most of the gun laws of the foreign industrialized states discussed below fall into the stricter sectors of the continuum.

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Two general statistical measures of crime are examined as indications of the effect of the gun laws of the various regions on violent crime: the percentage of gun homicides and the total homicide rate. If the percentage of gun homicides "declined" markedly from a region with lenient gun controls to a region with stricter controls while the total homicide rate was roughly the same, then it could be claimed that the overall crime situation was relatively unchanged by gun laws, and that people were simply utilizing other weapons in place of the more difficult to obtain guns. However, if in most cases, the overall homicide rate declined as well, it could be inferred reasonably that the laws were effective in reducing a wholly different category of homicide--impulsive, unplanned homicides….

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