Essay Format


Essay Format Tips 

Writing a good essay ( is important to keep in mind essay format. In order to facilitate to the maximum the process of understanding the academic essay writing at all levels, read the following information:

  1. Use a good literary English language (it is recommended carefully to read the essay for editing grammar, spelling, style, and other errors).
  2. The text must be easily readable, printed 1,5-2 interval, 12- 14 point, format Times New Roman for the main text. As any college has its own demands for the essay format, it will be better to specify the format in the opinion of custom writing service experts.
  3. Use concise, objective, impartial voice (journalistic pathos may sometimes be appropriate only in the introduction and conclusion). There is a need to follow the accuracy and correctness of the language in the use of terms and concepts (if needed to determine the involved terms, the professional writers from our service advise you to explain why you have chosen that one or other version of the use of the concept). Do not use terms words borrowed from foreign languages, where there is a full equivalent concept the in English language.
  4. The strict and uniform way of literary references to the cited sources (advisable to use one of two basic ways of references). You may use APA essay format. All the requirements for APA style you may read at the academic essay guideline.
  5. In accordance with the ethics of scientific presentation, it is necessary to strictly control the consistency and correctness of citation references to the source as possible to share the referred results (ideas, hypotheses, etc.) and various authors, respectively, refer to them separately; according to the custom college essays writers, way and the form of presentation should facilitate reader’s understanding, which of the referred results (of ideas, hypotheses, etc.) is author’s, and what is the product of someone else's creative work (with a precise reference to the source in accordance with the citation requirements), or are already generally accepted.

Essay outline

Essay outline is not a less important element for college essay writing. It consists of Introduction, Main Body and Conclusion. This is the guideline for the whole essay writing. It helps you to arrange your ideas and thoughts that are very useful for your English essay writing. It gives you a better idea of the importance of your essay thoughts. At this stage, you will understand what can be really needed for essay writing. It helps you to make your essay writing logically and well-structured. This is the basis of any academic essay writing.

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