English Essay Writing Outline


English Essay Writing Outline

Good English essay writing starts with the topic analysis. If you are sure what the teacher wants you to write about, you can either ask him for clarification or go to the library to gather materials. You can find many books related to your essay topic in the library. You should examine at least ten sources including books, journal or magazine articles, newspapers, online information. English essay writing starts with an outline.  Why do you need an outline?  It is the best tool to arrange your ideas logically.  Moreover, dividing your essay into parts facilitates the process of essay writing and helps to gather more focused information.

English Essay Writing Outline Help

English essay writers should arrange their thoughts logically and clearly. An outline is a foundation of essay writing. If you do not write an outline, your essay will be illogical and it will definitely influence your grade. The first part of English essay writing is the introduction - you state a thesis and explain the research question or topic. The introduction is only one paragraph or several sentences – it must be brief. Main text consists of your ideas. Each idea starts with a new paragraph that must have a topic sentence. Writing essay body you must present different points of view on the problem and provide evidence to support your line of argumentation: Your task is to persuade your essay reader that you know a lot about the topic and understanding different aspect of it.  Otherwise, your English essay will glibly and vague. While evaluating your essay, the teacher takes into account not the quantity but quality of the content. Essay conclusion should flow from the introduction. Similar to essay introduction, a conclusion must be brief and concise. You wrote all you wanted and what you had to in English essay body. Now your task is, to sum up, your findings and arguments.

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