Controversial Issues for Research Essays


Controversial Issues for Research Essays

In this post, one of the professional custom essays writers' team will give you the most urgent topics for research essays. Controversial issues are the ones that people find difficult to answer definitely. They may cover political, social, cultural, and religious beliefs that a lot of people attempted to discuss but failed to come to a single conclusion. In different academic institutions, students may be asked to write research essays on controversial issues rather frequently. So, in this article, you will find a list of possible controversial issues for research essays. Here, some useful hints on how to cover them are also presented.

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Controversial issues for research essays: Idea 1. Animal Research

Animals and their bodies are frequently used in laboratories in order to identify different kinds of illnesses that may crop up in human organism as well. Animals are also used to test different methods of treatment of these illnesses. Still, is it ethical to use animals? Discuss ethical issues of animal research vs. medical needs.

Controversial issues for research essays: Idea 2. Social Intelligence

We tent to feel that someone lies to us, though, this feeling does not work always. In your paper, our custom writing experts propose you to discuss whether people can learn to detect lies accurately. Should they use logical thinking or intuition to detect lies?

Controversial issues for research essays: Idea 3. Social Aggression

Some people believe that human beings are naturally violent. Others are sure that God made people kind but while contacting each other, people become cruel, sometimes even brutal. What is your point of view on this issue?

Controversial issues for research essays: Idea 4. Technology

The Internet has become the greater part of our daily life. On the one hand, it contributes much to our existence. But on the other hand, some people believe that the Internet causes a serious psychological harm. Our team providing research paper writing services advises you to express your point of view. 

Controversial issues for research essays: Idea 5. Terrorism

On September 11, 2001, one of the greatest attacks on the World Trade Center took place in the USA. Some people believe that attack may justify the US policy concerning Iraq. Do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Controversial issues for research essays: Idea 6. Euthanasia

Some people think that by means of euthanasia, we deprive people of a chance for survival. Others hope that euthanasia is not a killing at all. Express your point of view on this issue.

More controversial issues for research essays:

  • Abortion;
  • Affirmative action;
  • Alcohol;
  • Censorship;
  • Eating disorders;
  • Internet pornography;
  • Media and women;
  • Military;
  • Steroids, etc.

If any of the controversial issues for research essays listed above, you may also discuss it in your paper. However, first, get an approval from your teacher.

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