Research Paper in APA Format


Research Paper in APA Format

Research paper in APA format should include at least the following elements: cover page, abstract, introduction, main sections, subsections, and conclusion.  In addition, you must provide a detailed reference list with all articles, books, and websites listed in alphabetical order. If you need help with writing, editing, or formatting your research paper, do not hesitate to try to our professional custom research paper writing service.  Our essay writers will not let you down.  We check all research papers for plagiarism and deliver free plagiarism report.  Your privacy is protected.  We have no hidden costs and guarantee unlimited revisions as many times as you need until your research paper is absolutely perfect. is your personal tutor!

Research Paper Sample

Cellulose and the industries dependent upon it as a raw material afford one of the most interesting fields in the modern chemical industry. This compound, the molecular structure of which is still not definitely determined, has long been the basis of such important industries as textiles, paper, and lumber, and has supplied the raw material for pyroxylin, still the cheapest of plastics, gun cotton, and perhaps one or two other industries. In the last little while there has been added to this list artificial leather, film for photographic and other purposes, toilet articles, Cellophane, Sylphrap, Kodapak, and similar wrapping materials, lacquers of cotton or other cellulose base, and the amazing chemical fiber or rayon industry.

It seems certain, however, that notwithstanding the tremendous advances made in all of these and other cellulose lines in the last generation, we confront not only the possibility but the likelihood that there will be extensive changes in direct proportion as our knowledge of cellulose expands. For instance, today cellulose acetate is the chemical composition of the fiber preferred for many types of textiles, while regenerated cellulose or the product of the viscose industry and known as rayon makes up the great bulk of hundreds of millions of pounds now produced annually. Cellulose acetate has entered the plastics field, but it is recognized that for many of the purposes cellulose nitrate would be the ideal material but for its flaminability. Research is actively in progress in many quarters, looking to the perfection of better cellulose compounds for these special applications. Cellulose acetate has been mentioned. Cellulose propionate has some superior characteristics and its commercial production awaits only the availability of less-expensive propionic acid. Cellulose ethers would be better still for some uses and will undoubtedly be commercially available before so very long.

It has already been determined that the chemical and physical properties of some cellulose products depend directly upon characteristics within the raw material, whether it come from cotton or from wood, prior to processing. It is conceived that the fiber as it is produced naturally in the cotton plant or the tree is made up of many ultimate units, held together by some adhesive like lignin and if in place of these, commercial steps could be developed whereby a chemical bond could replace this physical adhesion, the resuit would be a stronger fiber with greater service life.

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