Argumentative Essay Example


Argumentative Essay Example

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…The Big Business ideology of bigotry is like a poison gas designed to incapacitate the people, distort their perception of reality and bring on a state of mass delusion. We read stories of witchcraft in New England in an early period in our history. But is not the witchcraft of racism more fantastic, taking possession of the minds of millions of otherwise sane Americans? U.S. capitalism took over the ideology of white supremacy from the slavemasters. Corporate capitalism has further developed it, disseminated it to every corner of American life. In order to imbue the masses of white Americans with the illusion of superiority, it is necessary to deprive Blacks of equal educational, social and economic opportunities. The aim is to make millions of white people unwitting instruments of the oppression of their brothers and sisters.

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Under the influence of the deadly virus of racism, their own lives of toil, debt, and hardship are transformed, in comparison with a lot of their Black neighbors, into a superior existence. While they rant against Black, Puerto Rican, and Chicano people, they temporarily forget their own empty cupboards and insecurity. It becomes more and more difficult for them to focus on their real oppressor -Big Business -- which exploits both Black and white.

If the roots of the system of discrimination and segregation are deep within the profit system, is it possible to eliminate it before capitalism is discarded as the outmoded system it is? As militant resistance to this evil increases, this question is asked more and more often.

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It seems obvious that it will not be possible to dig out all of the poisonous shoots while the present system exists. Capitalism, by its very nature, constantly revives and regenerates racist practices. But it is possible to sever many of the roots and destroy many branches even while capitalism still stands. Victories in the fight for freedom are on the agenda now, and many are being won. The struggle for Black freedom has moved into the realm of economic and political equality -- jobs, promotions, access to professions and business. In the political arena, it means an extension of registration and voting opportunities to all and election of Black public officials on every level. The demands now go into areas that Big Business considers its private preserve, on which the monopolists have placed a "No Trespassing" sign. They are infringing on the prerogative of making a profit. As the struggle develops in these areas, its nature changes. There are new alliances, new support as well as more insidious and subtle resistance…

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