Samples Part I

Below you will find short samples of custom written research papers, term papers, and coursework. Custom written samples are provided for informational purposes only. However, we will be happy if the following samples help you to choose research paper topic or generate some ideas for term paper writing!

Custom written research papers

Sample Research paper on Abortion
Summary: Research paper investigates the history of abortion procedure. The writer hypothesizes that public attitude towards abortions today is the same as it was at the times of ancient civilizations. The examples from ancient Egypt and Medieval Europe are used to support the hypothesis.

Sample Research paper on financial crisis in Asia
Summary: Research paper analyzes the programs of International Monetary Fund in Asian region during the recent financial crisis. The writer hypothesizes that implemented initiatives were not appropriate and intensified the crisis severity. Expert opinion and national financial data are used to support the hypothesis.

Custom written term papers

Sample Term paper on terrorism
Summary: The term paper provides overview of terrorism, discusses different types of terrorism, contains short synopsis of September 11 events, and concludes with the recommendation on terrorism prevention. In addition, the changes in US legislation prior and after the attack are analyzed.

Sample Term paper on hydrogen engines
Summary: The writer conducts a research to investigate the impact of hydrogen-powered engines on environment. Economic, technological, environmental, and political factors are taken into account. The overall efficiency of hydrogen engines is determined.

Custom written coursework

Sample Coursework on Literal Analysis of Beowulf
Summary: The coursework dissects Beowulf to analyze different literal devices (metaphors, simile, contradictions, etc.). Numerous quotations are used to exemplify every literal device. No secondary sources are referenced.

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