Writing a Critique


Writing a Critique

The art of critique is very useful for a good critical essay writing especially in humanitarian fields when there is no irrefutable evidence and no precise limits of the truth. The suitable topics for critical analysis writing are those that encourage thinking and, therefore, give place to express students' thoughts. The author is able to take his/her associations to support scientific facts and hypothesis along with personal observations and experiences. It isn't important to present detailed descriptions; you should examine the topic in a broad context. While writing a critical essay, you should avoid using excessive terminology. The language of the critical essay writing must be generally understandable for an average reader who is not knowledgeable on the topic. As for the content, structure, and language, critical essays belong to an open, free-form. Depending on the type of critique essays, it can be written as a message, critique or reflection.

Writing a critique of book, expedient at least three steps:

  • Define the problem and provide central and critical arguments on the topic;
  • Formulate and justify your own position briefly;
  • Highlight various aspects of the topic from different sides and justify the choice of your own position.

Writing a Critique of Book

Requirements for critical essay writing, gathered by the proficient critical essays service:

  • The relevance of the content to the critical essay topic;
  • The richness of content, completeness, comprehension of the topic;
  • The argumentation of the expressed thought, argumentation of the protected position;
  • Logic and consistency in the presentation;
  • Autonomy in the approach to critique topic;
  • Unity of the style presentation, clarity, accuracy, accessibility;
  • Accuracy in the use of quotations and cited material;
  • Rational combination of the literary text, literary criticisms with your own thinking about author's work;
  • Lack of factual errors and inaccuracies, correct word usage, grammar and stylistic literacy, adherence to the rules of literary language.

Steps to preparing critical writing on the literary topic:

  • text analysis, identification, and choice of the topic ( ) writing tasks;
  • writing an outline or discussion of outlines prepared in advance;
  • choice of genre for critique writing;
  • selection of the text material;
  • the formulation of the individual position that you intend to describe while writing;
  • addressing different interpretations, which had already been told during the analysis of the work with a goal to find effective ways to include them in the discourse on essay topic.

Preparations for writing about the painting:

  • familiarity with the artist's personality;
  • history of the painting's creation;
  • artistic features, language, etc.

Writing a Critique Custom Service

Writing a critique is not as easy as you might think. You must possess an in-depth understanding of the piece of art or publication and be able to criticize it. offers you to take advantage of our critique writing help.  We provide only custom written critiques and grant you an opportunity to request an unlimited number of revisions.  Free plagiarism report!

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