Term Papers and Thesis


Term Papers and Thesis: What Should You Know?

When writing a term paper in any discipline one of the main tasks for a student to do is to make a thesis statement. Why is it so? Let’s find out the relation between term papers and thesis statements.

Term papers and thesis statements: what should you pay your attention to?

Writing any of term papers supposes making a research on a certain subject. When you get a topic for your term paper (either you choose it by yourself or your tutor provides you with it), you should make your mind on a narrower issue that you want to study. In order to make your writing process easier you should formulate this issue in a thesis. That is a thesis statement.

A thesis statement should:

  • express the main idea that you are going to research in your term paper;
  • help the reader understand the essence of your research;
  • be a statement, indeed! The very name points that. So, it should no way be a question. No question expresses a writer’s opinion.

Term papers and thesis statements: when to write a thesis for a term paper

Pay attention: making a thesis statement for a term paper is an important part of the writing process but not the first one! As a rule, the form of a thesis statement may change for several times. So, first, you may make a draft of a thesis statement.

When writing a thesis for your term paper pay attention to the following:

  • Make your paper thesis statement clear and understandable;
  • Put your argument in one short simple sentence;
  • Avoid such adverbs as probably, maybe, perhaps, possibly;
  • Avoid the usage of the first person, for example such expressions as I think, I believe, to my mind, I suppose.

Term papers and thesis statements: where to place a thesis in a term paper?

After you made a draft of your thesis statement another question may appear in your mind. Where should it be situated? Remember that a thesis statement should be put in the introduction. As you introduce your paper topic, state the research purposes and tasks in this part. That is why it is in the introduction where the reader should get acquainted with your ideas concerning the subject of your study.

So, that is the main information about term papers and thesis statements that you should bear in your mind when writing a term paper.

If you cannot write your term paper or do not know how to make your paper thesis statement, you are welcome to address us! We are always ready to help you!