Term Paper Guide


Term Paper Guide: What Are The Main Advices?

This article has a lot of advices concerning writing a term paper. As many our clients asked us to write understandable and useful tips on term paper guide, we are glad to present you some our considerations. If you want, you may order your paper at our site!

Term Paper Guide: Structure

  1. Title page. Here you need to write general information about your paper.
  2. Abstract. It is your brief description of all written further.
  3. Outline or table of contents. Make a plan of your paper and present parts of it.
  4. Introduction. You should state the topic, the thesis sentence, expected results, general information about terms and move to the next part of discussion with the help of transitional sentence.
  5. Body part . This part may have division on the main aspects discussion. Follow the right structure and format your thoughts in a logical way. Do not forget about transitional sentences and first important sentences, which lead your reader to the course.
  6. Conclusion. You have received some results of your discussion and may state them here. Then you may express your concerns, offers and other information.
  7. Reference list or bibliography. Specify at your instructor what you need to write certainly and format everything according to your style.
  8. Illustration page.
  9. Index.

Term Paper Guide: Style

  • A term paper should be understandable.
  • 12 size of font, such as Times New Roman or Geneva.
  • Pagination of all pages, except a title page.
  • New point of discussion on the new page.
  • Follow the limits in pages.
  • Double-space your text.
  • Single-sided paper sheets.

Term Paper Guide: General Mistakes

  • Bottom of the page is not for a heading. It is for footnotes. Write the title of your term paper in the top of a page.
  • Wrong pagination of pages. Set numbers of pages in the right top corner.
  • Wrong usage of articles. Do be attentive and remember that it is formal writing. You cannot use words without like in your everyday life.
  • Discrepancy of a term paper topic to the contents. Follow your topic or change it.
  • Non-separated paragraphs in relation to important aspects discussion. You should have three major parts – the introductory part, the body part and the conclusion.
  • Presentation of your opinion in the introductory part. You should state your  results and opinion in the final part of discussion.
  • Wrong usage of tenses. Follow the right usage of tenses, when you describe what you expect and what you have received.
  • Personal “I” usage. It is formal writing, therefore, use statements, which do not concern you.
  • No explanation of citations. After each citation you should have explanation of it to move to the next point of discussion.
  • Wrong references format in the text. Format reference in the text according to the main rules of your style.
  • Informal words and word-combinations. You should use only formal statements and without short constructions.
  • Too literary language. Do not use archaisms or other irrelevant words.

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