Term Paper College


Term Paper College

A term paper project is a research assignment in essence as it is a written record of thoughtful reading on a specific topic assigned by the teacher or chosen by the student individually. The task of college term paper writing is to present your own critical ideas on the assigned topic and support your conclusions/thoughts with the reliable evidence.

This guide is written with the hope to assist you with the intricate process of college term paper writing.

College Term Paper Writing Steps

There are six major steps to term paper writing process:

  • Choosing the topic
  • Researching the sources
  • Making notes
  • Crafting outline
  • Writing the draft
  • Revising and editing

College Term Paper: Topic and Research

Good term papers are based on research questions. You may find interesting topics for your term paper writing in a textbook, library, or the internet. It is better if you focus on the topic which is of interest to you and can be researched. In other words, if you choose a boring topic with lack of supporting materials, you are likely to fail college term paper writing assignment.

College Term Paper: Notes and Outline

Your next step is to examine the identified materials and to make good notes. The best strategy to make good notes is to include quotes and your impressions/ideas while you read the gathered materials. It is a good idea to keep copies of identified sources in order to be able to return to information later for additional insight. You should aim to get facts rather than opinions paying special attention to the reliability of presented information.

Outline should be written after researching step, at the moment when you have at least preliminary ideas about college term paper points.

College Term Paper: Draft and Revision

The final steps of college term paper writing are drafting and revising. The introductory paragraph should include the purpose of your college term paper writing. The body part should be focused on your analysis of gathered materials. The concluding section should present the summary and reached conclusions.

Once the draft is written, you need to proceed with editing and revising your college term paper. Do not forget to run a spell checker to eliminate evident errors and mistakes!