Shaw Shank Redemption Essay


Shaw Shank Redemption Essay

You may have been asked to write on the topic, ‘Discuss.The Shaw shank Redemption’

The first thing a Shaw shank Redemption essay must do is to give a little information about the background by stating that this is a film that has been directed by Frank Darabont who has paid special attention to the different kinds of oppositions and conflicts such as:

  • Freedom vs. imprisonment
  • Charity vs. brutality
  • Innocence vs. guilt

While drawing our attention to these binary opposites the story unfolds and we are able to witness how Andy Dufresne the hero of the film manages to rescue his friend Red and himself from a life that is devoid of liberty.

The plot

When the story begins, Andy who has been falsely accused of murdering his wife is imprisoned within the harsh walls of a ‘maximum security prison. Here he is exposed to the worst kind of police brutality and a harsh environment that could have broken the spirits of the strongest man. But even in such a scenario that is devoid of all justice and hope, the hero Andy sticks by his principles and pride and never looses hope. This is what helps him to survive his terrible ordeal. Yet the most wonderful thing about Andy is that he also manages to keep up the spirits of other prisoners by urging them to:

  • Take steps for self improvement for the time when they leave prison
  • He encourages people like Tommy to do his High School Equivalency exams
  • He inspires Ellis 'Red' -his best buddy on the 'inside' to overcome both the mental and physical obstacles of his imprisonment in order to become truly free in the deepest sense of the word.

Brutal displays

There are many vivid incidents that bring home the stark brutality of prison life as well as the corruption that exists within its walls. Your Shaw shank Redemption essay can discuss incidents like:

  • How the prisoner nicknamed as 'Fat-ass' is beaten mercilessly to death by Byron Hadley.
  • How a new inmate is thrashed for inquiring about meal timings
  • How Andy is corrupted by the warden who involves him in his dodgy deals and scams.

But this corruption and brutality is balanced by friendship and care. Your Shaw shank Redemption essay can also give accounts on the theme of friendship and the fact that there is no clear cut line between true guilt and innocence.

Keep these points in mind while writing a Shaw shank Redemption essay