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Sample Term Paper

Sample term paper on the topic “The Gendered Terrain of Disaster”

…The results of this study suggest that gender is significant and explanatory in the nine stages of a disaster. Most of the results are presented as gender "differences." Gender differentiation, conceptually, does not mean inequality, as "different" does not mean "unequal." Yet, feminist theory documents how gender stratification and gender differentiation are often nearly identical empirically, as anything "female" has come to be devalued. The patterns revealed in the work are patterns of inequality, not solely of difference. The disaster data presented here advance the notion that women's lower status and lack of economic power in so called "normal" times has serious ramifications in a disaster situation. The studies illustrate women's subordinate position in many ways, such as women's lack of decision-making power in evacuation, their dismissal by officials as "hysterical," the denial of leadership positions to women in emergency management, women's subjection to domestic violence, and the devaluation of women's work throughout the disaster process. Disasters, like no disaster periods, are a time and place where gender inequality is maintained and reproduced…

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