Romeo and Juliet Course Work


Romeo and Juliet Course Work

“Romeo and Juliet” is one of the most well-known plays written by William Shakespeare. Thousands of readers throughout the world cry over the destiny of young lovers who have sacrificed their lives because their love was not able to overcome the quarrels between their families.

If you are writing a Romeo and Juliet course work, you may find the following pieces of advice useful for your consideration. And, of course, don't forget to look through the sample:

Characters in Romeo and Juliet

  • Romeo is the son of Montague; he is sixteen years old, intelligent, and handsome young man. He is impulsive and immature.
  • Juliet is the daughter of Capulet; she is thirteen years old, beautiful and yet naïve child. She belongs to the aristocratic family.
  • Friar Lawrence is a friend of both; he is one who marries the lovers with the hope to bring peace to Verona.

Romeo and Juliet Topic Ideas

    1. The Power of Love (our custom coursework writing service advises you to write about the love of Romeo and Juliet; was it a true love or was it nothing more than a passion?)
    2. Morality of Love and Hate
    3. Death and Love; death and violence in connection to passion
    4. The Place of an Individual in Society
    5. Fate (were Romeo and Juliet destined to love each other and to die because of love?)

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