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The Nation's annual consumption of plant foods (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) removed from the soil by harvested crops alone amounts to 8,494,528 tons. Perhaps it is this obvious inadequacy of the fertilizer industry in its present stage of development that has delayed up to the current year the inclusion of fertilizers among the agricultural relief agencies to be promoted by governmental bounty.

Industry, however, may be directly influenced in its trends by economic programs such as the new soilconservation plan recently enacted by Congress, whereby payments are to be made to farmers who carry out certain soil-building and soil-conserving practices. In many regions benefit payments to be made to those sowing such soil-conserving crops as perennial grasses, relate to crops which can receive the fertilizer to be applied at a time other than the spring, which has always been the peak season for the fertilizer industry. If the practice becomes established and fairly widespread, it may do much toward leveling off the peaks and filling the valleys of the production curve of the industry and so far as manufacturing and mixing are concerned, make these operations more of a year-round activity. Labor would be included among the beneficiaries.

In response to man's dreams, during the earlier years of scarcity: of more abundant plant-food supplies as the surest guarantee against hunger among rapidly increasing populations, the nitrogen of the atmosphere is at our disposal, vast phosphate deposits have been surveyed, although they remain untouched, and great accumulations of soluble potash salts have been made available in many parts of the world. The United States is unique among the major agricultural nations in possessing all three resources within her own borders. Yet our soils are being cast upon the dump heap of national inefficiency and even where in the growing of cash crops, fertilizer use has been accepted as the alternative to abandonment, in too many instances only the barest subsistence diet is provided, and the "crumbs from the table" of the cash crop are scavenged by the crop to follow if there is a rotation.

Chemical technology here is confronted by a field of endeavor which, if judged by the tasks that lie ahead, may be said to be largely untouched. In its social implications, no technological problem possesses greater opportunity for service than that of arresting the decadence of the Nation's soils. Less remotely, there is the pressing task of contributing to the solution of agriculture's more immediate problems, to the extent at least of substituting science for sweat in the growing of crops. Raw materials are at hand, trained technologists await the task. Elsewhere must be found the reason why the American fertilizer industry still supplies only 4 pounds of plant food per acre.

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